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Server: NA

Type of Offence Committed: Less than 3 man faction supporting (within firing range) of PKA bunker

Time/Date of offence: (Roughly/Date ofc accurate/cb:time) Feb.10 right at server restart time or 1:00am MST

Player/Faction accused: (Offending Faction/Player name)TRA/PKA

Player Faction reporting: (Your faction/In game Names)TRA-Banzai

What happened? (The details of the situation) Found a single player faction (TRA) - Banzai with OLP protected base right within shooting range of PKA bunker (or so it seemed)

It is hard to tell because verything is OLP so I can’t say that it is 100% within firing range, but it certainly seemed to be.

Why did it happen? Godo question

Evidence: (Screens/Video/logs)

The outcome: on one base the OP got removed. The second is legit.

Crime Reporting
Op4 HV tackling SV

Server: NA

Type of Offence Committed: Tackling

Time/Date of offence: March 27th - 5:00 - 6:00

Player/Faction accused: (Offending Faction/Player name) Op4

Player Faction reporting: (Your faction/In game Names) Ranzeth

What happened? (The details of the situation) Was flying in my SV, came closer to the ground to line up a shot and HV flew right into me and through.

Why did it happen? (Did you do anything to cause? Are you totally innocent?) Cause PvP

Evidence: (Screens/Video/logs)

The outcome: Nothing has to be done here. A SV does not belong to the ground and it was obvious that the HV will move forward in that direction. It’s like fake insurance claims.

Server: (EU/NA) NA

Type of Offence Committed: (Offensive Language, Grieving, Trader on Trader etc) Tackling

Time/Date of offence: 5:00 - 6:00

Player/Faction accused: (Offending Faction/Player name) PKA

Player Faction reporting: (Your faction/In game Names) Ranzeth

What happened? (The details of the situation) Turtle tank flew straight into and through me

Why did it happen? (Did you do anything to cause? Are you totally innocent?) PvP

Evidence: (Screens/Video/logs)

The outcome: Nothing has to be done here. A SV does not belong to the ground and it was obvious that the HV will move forward in that direction. It’s like fake insurance claims.


This is NOT for discussion at all. We had this already. Report stuff we will decide and you swallow or not. But anything else will be removed! Do not waste your energy here.

Server: NA

Type of Offence Committed: Sabotage, griefing, theft of blueprints with malicious intent.

Time/Date of offence: April 9 2018, approx 0300 we were alerted that this had occurred.

Player/Faction accused: Ultima133 / RedAlert_007 (discord)

Player Faction reporting: TAW represented by TheState, witnessed by ICE, RoP, ZackeyTNT, OMCRescue, Jinco, Ghost, rockclimber, sclossin, nsnipe, CaptCrabbypants and seen by the entire server.

What happened?
Ultima133 infiltrated TAW 29 days ago with the intent to sabotage the TAW faction. The actions committed by this member are as follows:

  • Player was a member of TAW for almost a month while spying on activity (see picture 1)
  • Player did not have admin rights so used a multitool to recore and private 1 TAW base and 14 HVs and SVs with the purpose of holding them for ransom (including one garage ship)
  • By infiltrating and intentionally sabotaging the TAW faction, Ultima133 directly violated the rule labeled 2 above. Actions were not done in PVP, but rather in PVE using his membership privileges.
  • Due to his access and intent, it’s expected that missing materials on the cored base are his doing
  • Due to his malicious intent, it’s expected that he will or already has violated rule labeled 1 (stealing/public posting/sharing of blueprints) above as a result of the infiltration. These blueprints were gained through violating the sabotage/infiltration rule.

To summarize, Ultima133 violated the rules regarding sabotage with intent to grief and undermine our faction.

Why did it happen?
Player has a grudge against a TAW member and disagreed (allegedly according to this member) with TAW’s activities on HWS and broke multiple server rules to get “revenge” against him and our faction as a whole. In short, TAW was not a legitimate cause of this.

Evidence: (Screens/Video/logs)

Initial message regarding the base being taken:

Evidence of espionage:

Evidence of griefing:

Above picture referring base taken was specifically targeted for the large valuable resources that it contains, not “just a base”.

Ultima133 acknowledging that he read the rules in an attempt to justify his actions:

The outcome: (Our Verdict, within 24 hours-Check back to see this updated and what action was taken)

Cored X7

Video by Ultima showing him physically committing the sabotage:

As can be seen in the video, this player did not have admin rights but was able to improvise by multitooling the blocks. TAW does not claim that any exploits were used, only that the fairplay rules cited above were broken

Screenshots of the above video

By making statements like this, Ultima133 is claiming that he is able to do what he did due to our recruitment practices. The issue is not with glitches or method, but rather the action itself.

Community Resonse (not related to Ultima but believing that violating rules like this is acceptable):
This was disturbing to me and a lot of people. The belief from a few players that an act like this is okay is appalling. It’s cut and dry in the rules and any player who was in our place instead would not believe that infiltrating and sabotaging is a fair act. Golden rule, I’m surprised more players didn’t condemn this action but rather encouraged it.

This particular picture tells me that this rule is not clear enough for the general population of the server. It is not understood that this action was very illegal in regards to server rules.

In reference to all of the vessels that were sabotaged.

The outcome: Stolen assets returned to original owner by moderator despite no rules being broken


Server: NA
Type of Offence Committed: Tackling, repeatedly while accusing me of the same time after I highlighted to him in chat you can’t do that
Player/Faction: ABN/TohKlee
Player Faction reporting: DAR/Elstubert
What Happened: Was fighting them like normal, when I noticed that TohKlee was specifically trying to hit me to cause me to flip upside down. I told him to stop in chat as that is against the rules. At that point he kept moving in front of me and moving against me to try to get me to flip. at one point he boxed me and pushed me through the red screen. After I informed him in chat that it was against the rules he started claiming in chat that I was tackling him. (impossible as I am slow undamaged and slower when damaged because this is my heavy tank) and I was retreating at the time because there were 4 of them and only 2 me and my friend in an SV. Also I believe the cones on the front of his tank were exacerbating the flipping of my tank.
Why did it happen: they are frustrated because we keep on jacking up their ships and bases on HW. Been kicking them off daily
Evidence: I have a screen shot. Posted in our discord https://discord.gg/DCB9Ft It wouldn’t post in this message

Honestly I only want them to be chastened a bit. I want to keep killing them, but I want them to stop doing this, also I don’t like that they log off after I disable a vehicle so I can’t get a kill, and one of my friends thinks they DDOS us the other day when the two of us conveniently crashed at the same time while fighting them in space. No proof on that one it could have been a poorly timed coincidence

The outcome: Couldn’t see the evidence and discussed internally as I see. If a video is shown next time here we can react properly.

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Was attack by IMF NA Server on Homeworld they spanwed these towers, while clearing them after the battle I noticed that all of their guns are built behind walls and they shoot through them pain in the but to clear

seems like this is against the rules but I am not an expert
If it is please give them a warning


1. you didn’t stick to the template (no clear base name visible, etc. Further posts like this will be ignored / removed)
2. IMF got a 12 hour warning before we remove the tower
3. This topic is NOT open for any discussion. Please spare my time in moderating it.

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Intentional abuse of multiple lagshots in succession
4/8/2018 early AM server time (04:40?). (4/7 22:40 EST)
Accusing TAW faction
Using lagshots before zerg rushing offensively
I was lagshot multiple times with miniguns from inside my cockpit, and seconds later others in my faction were lagshot with miniguns. In the video there are approximately 10-15 lagshots with miniguns.

megs view:

karouas view:

Outcome: We have no rule “against it”, because it isn’t known / reproducible how it happens exactly. I showed the Dev the video and we try to sort it out somehow.

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

Server: NA

Type of Offence Committed: Harrasment and offensive languange

Time/Date of offence: ~0001 6/1/18 EDT

Player/Faction accused: ManBug121212

Player Faction reporting:H Dresden

What happened? I have told this person I do not like him and to not speak to me, on multiple occaisions. He continues to harass me after being told to leave me alone.

Why did it happen? I took offense when he trolled global for over 2 hours about a prefab sv he lost. I and others offered to give him more than enough to replace it (I offered 200 advanced constructors) multiple times. He just kept complaining and spammed global all night. The next time he started talking to me, I told him I did not like him and to leave me alone. He continues to harass me.


I really would like it if he just kept his snide comments to himself. I can take someone who is upfront about things. He pretends to be jk after saying stuff.

The outcome: If you have a grudge to each other solve it via PM. I’ll keep it with -10 RP and as a warning for now @manbug121212

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Server : EU

Type of Offence Committed: Cheating / Use game bugs through system administration programs

Time/Date of offence: GG / 8 june / 22:22

Player/Faction accused : SirKnumskull / BRO

Player Faction reporting: KaP / TIaBaJI

What happened? The faction BRO ship Fish uses the net limiter I think. He takes too much damage and nothing explodes. It seems to me that every second such volleys should remove at least one layer of armor.

Why did it happen? I hit two ships and they got into a situation of possible capture of their technologies


The outcome:

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Not Shure if I’m doing this right but here I go.
Server: (NA)
Type of Offence Committed: (Ran into me, prevented me from moving)
Time/Date of offence: (Roughly/Date 6/23 accurate/cb:13:12 ish)
Player/Faction accused: (ABN/Broxa)
Player Faction reporting: (EAA/IGiveUpPeat)
What happened? (I was doing some early morning mining for gold in black hole and I got attacked. witch is no big deal, the problem was he was running into me and than latched his ship around mine so I couldn’t move. ) normally that probably couldn’t happen but my cv I was using is a Star wars replica and its design made it so he could trap me the way he did. anyway, I told home to get off because it was agents the rules but he seed it wasn’t, but I remember reading so ware that its agents the rules to run into people/ prevent there escape. but after that he stopped probably to type because I was able to move away from him. quick note my cv movement is all bad except for moving forward but its vary tanky, spent 40+ hours modifying the blueprint off the workshop. warped to Sathon. my friend was on way so I was planning on going back to black hole with him protecting me but he was to slow so it doesn’t matter, in the end. but he followed me to sathon and the plan was for me to keep him following me until my friend warped in and we would both attack him together and then after we drive him off go back to black hole, but he rammed me agene and lached on and I was in the same boat as before. in the end i held down E because this thang may only go forward fast but it has over 80 RCS so I can rotate fast and it popped me away from him eventually and i was able to warp to safety. learning how to use the repair bay now.
Why did it happen? (no I was mining and he ran into me? innocent, yes?)
Evidence: (Screens/Video/logs)https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/946201708044797319/DE650BF3729269B49E3477C208A953B4248057BF/(Black hole) https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/946201708044797600/4F50E199E2A919A5A438502DF37821FDB1A79AC8/ ( Sathon ramming) https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/946201708044797846/91259DBAA95810CE0702B5DCDD8423A7A67E9B96/ Player

The outcome: Broxa confessed and accepted the punishment. Shouldn’t happen again.

Server: NA

Type of Offence Committed: Offensive Language - (Possible?) Transphobia

Time/Date of offence: Start Approx. 4:51 AM - End Approx. 5:05 AM

Player/Faction accused: zangatti, grownmcgavin

Player/Faction reporting: Advocated Edict

What happened? Players were talking about girls in the context of a recruitment ad for a faction. One player asked a harmless question “Are you sure they’re girls?” This sparked zangatti to retell a story of his time playing EVE Online where a longtime player that they believed to be a female, turned out to be a male on female hormones. After a few lines of discussion about what exactly causes someone’s voice to change, this caused grownmcgavin to mention a video where someone sung a song. Then mentioned that “it” forgot to take “it’s” female hormones.

The conversation ended…until politics were brought up, at which point I voiced my displeasure that people couldn’t follow the rules and go elsewhere to talk about these things. Then it began again for a very short time.

Why did it happen? I couldn’t tell you.

zangatti (04:52)
you should’ve heard this guy i used to play with, he was 28 and had us all convinced he was a girl
zangatti (04:52)
played with him for 2 years on eve, and only after the corp fell apart did we find out it was a guy
SteelPrincess (04:53)
You were fooled by a voice changer? Really? They all have that tin cup sound to them. :smiley:
zangatti (04:53)
it wasn’t a voice changer, he was on female hormones
grownmcgavin (04:54)
ever seen that video of the guy that sings both parts of “a whole new world” ?
grownmcgavin (04:55)
it didn’t get it’s female hormones
zangatti (04:55)
he was all worried about people lying and spying on the corp… turns out he lied about his identity
zangatti (04:55)
that’s called projection amirite
SteelPrincess (04:56)
If they were on hormones, I imagine they were trans. In which case, meh. :smiley:
Cardboard Jack (04:56)
Yeah kinda sounds like they were just being themselves
Cardboard Jack (04:56)
No real lie
zangatti (04:56)
being themselves, a person trying to be someone else?
Advocated Edict (04:57)
Wow it’s almost as if there’s a rule against bringing up this kind of thing because people like
Advocated Edict (04:57)
to be shitters
ExplosiveToast (05:02)
Tiny deposits on planets, black hole sucks worse than Justin Trudumb
Advocated Edict (05:03)
Oh boy, first trans, now politics. This chat is getting ~spicy~ tonight
zangatti (05:03)
hey man i had a good point
zangatti (05:04)
how are they supposed to expect me to accept them for who they are…
zangatti (05:04)
when they couldn’t even accept themselves for who they were?
SteelPrincess (05:04)
They do.
SteelPrincess (05:04)
You don’t, Zang. :slight_smile:
Advocated Edict (05:05)
That’s a really crappy attitude to have zang

The outcome: (Our Verdict, within 24 hours-Check back to see this updated and what action was taken)

At no point in that rather off-topic discussion does Zang appear to show any kind of hatred towards people who identify as trans. Misguided maybe, lacking understanding possibly.

McGavin may refer to the trans person in question as ‘it’ merely because they were in transitional phase. Perhaps the person in question did not identify as male or female at that time.

You have however provided evidence of your own bad language - perhaps a warning lol :slight_smile:

Server: NA

Type of Offence Committed: Building a proximity alarm inside an asteroid in Homeworld space. Straight from fairplay “You are NOT allowed to build / spawn your structures inside of asteroids.”

Time/Date of offence: [email protected] 7:45 PT

Player/Faction accused: OP4

Player/Faction reporting: Cardboard Jack/ABN

What happened?: OP4 Building inside an asteroid, they know better for sure these are vets on the server. Not normally on the petty side but return in kind and all that.

Evidence: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/945076159801595057/A83CE03F0348755500A882973D54318E2441EE29/

The outcome: (Our Verdict, within 24 hours-Check back to see thi*s updated and what action was taken)

*Worth noting that there are other Proximity satellite style vessels on top of nearby asteroids not breaking any rules, it is just the one that is inside an asteroid