HWS PVE information request

Me and a friend of mine started playing on HWS PVE a few days ago, we started there since we are not really into PVP.
The server description says there are no wipes so I was wondering what that means, and how it would affect our preferred playstyle.

One thing we would like to do is go POI raiding, but on the starter planet which we have yet to leave all POI’s has already been raided and/or destroyed.
So I was curious if there are other planets where POI’s are reset so we can go raid those when we feel like

Welcome back Banshee,

what is your preferred playstyle though?

No wipes - yes. Not even starter.

But the POI, generally PvE thing is important on that server - true. To be honest we had some regular resets of POI which some worked, some not because the game doesn’t provide easy ways for it.
Currently we got some more options so we will try it once again to reset pois at random times so there are always adventures waiting for your around the universe.

You will recognize it when the server restarts with the message “Generating new POIs”. The location is of course random so no one can camp there and raid instant so you don’t have a chance to get it.

Have fun.


Thanks for the greeting, its nice to be back.
Our preferred playstyle is PVE, mainly raiding POI’s.
Regeneration at random times and locations is something I think we can live with.
I certainly understand the need for them.

While I do have you here I do have another couple questions related to our previous playtime.
Last we played was during 2.0 and 3.0 which was before you made the PVE server, and during that time I did a donation which in turn gave me some resources.
I didn’t use all the claims I had available on that donation so I was wondering if its still valid, or if I have to donate again to be able to claim.
Its not a problem for me if its no longer valid, I’m merely curious if I can still use it.

The other thing is regarding using the market.
Last we played we were given a small credit stipend the first time we started playing to help us with the tax for selling on the market.
Is such a small stipend still available(if so how do we get it?), or do we have go out and collect gold or money cards for that?