HWS RE 1.7 Season starts today! HWS Stargate Missions, HWS Events, Reworked Skill Tree and more

Dear HWS RE Community,

after exactly 3 months, we start a new HWS RE 1.7 season today!
Massive thanks to Ravien and @Vermillion for a lot of changes and additions!

You probably have read about all the changes already, if not, please click here:

Many players asked me to also provide HWS content into RE, more than there is already.
So I paused my work on HWS+ temporary and worked on:

  • 14 HWS Stargate Missions - converted EU/NA Missions for RE. More, new ones, to come.

  • 4 HWS Events activated, once the first big new season rush calmed down a bit:

    • 1 vs 1 SV Deathmatch
    • 1 vs 1 HV Deathmatch
    • Battle Royale - Find loot, craft your vessel and fight the End Boss - with or against other players.
    • Eton - Capture the Metropolis POI - with or against other players.
  • Added the HWS Elemental Garage with lucrative ships to buy with ingame credits in ECC Sector

  • Reworked the HWS Connect Skill Tree to align it more to the RE nature. You can get max. 4000 Health, Food OR Stamina with it now. On top you can get as before 1000 Health + 500 Food + 200 Stamina with the Survival Boost. (max. 5000 Health in total) The XP and Unlock Points are adjusted in a progressive way, where you can get level 25 in 5 days with it at the beginning. Or level 25 instantly starting with day 13.

  • Reworked HWS Origins.

    • Give Engineers a global HWS Recycle usage from level 1. Other Origins are bound to EGS Recycle Zones, even with Recycle Level 5. (reminder you can buy EGS Recycle Zones too)
    • Give Explorers the Discovery Credit bonus back. Each Solar System you discovered first, gives you cumulative Elemental Bank credits
    • Give Dealer daily auto interests delivery
    • Give Fighter global OCD get usage (you still need a zone to put items in your OCD and all other Origins need the OCD Zone for both. The OCD Zone can be also bought.)
      OCD get usage will get streamlined with OAM. Every ocd:get outside of a zone, even for Fighter, will cost a fee. The fee is different between PvE and PvP and also different per OCD item category.

    :information_source: Note: New HWS Patron benefits!
    As HWS Patron Elite you get all those Origin abilities as well. Or different put: As HWS Patron Elite you have the convenience to not visit the HWS Quadrolith at ECC every time you want to change your Origin ability.
    Respectively, with this change HWS Pro Patrons don’t have the Auto Interest feature anymore.

  • Added more HWS Dialogues and PDA Missions

  • Reworked HWS Connect Daily Loot for RE. You get more RE valuable items out of the Daily Loot. Instead / On top of Pentaxid the new Ice resources for example.

  • Reworked the Homeworld PvP System for more PvP incentives.

    • Added Homeworld Planet and Eton Event Planet
    • Activated the HWS Radar Feature.

    How do you get rewards?

    There are certain criteria you have to fulfill:

    • Your structure needs to be a Base
    • Your structure needs to be set to your Faction
    • Your structure needs to have 1000 Blocks or more
    • Your structure needs to be above Bedrock (> 0 Y-coordinate)
    • Your structure needs to be powered
    • Your structure needs to survive at least for 24 hours

    What PvP rewards?

    • Golden Globe: 7 HWS XP and 70 000 EB credits per day
    • Homeworld: 7 HWS RP and 70 000 EB credits per day
  • More to come such as HWS Patron specific cosmetic items, HWS Connect displaying your ingame Dialogue Skills (e.g. Marksman, Soldier) and other Dialogue progress

I think HWS RE 1.7 is a massive season and we wish you a lot of fun!
HWS+ next!

Thanks for your awesome support and for playing on our server!
It motivates us a lot to go further!

All the best,
Your HWS Team


this will be an issue for those wanting to recycle bases…


Your statement is incomplete.
It is only an issue for those, who are not in the Engineer Origin or HWS Elite Patrons or have a EGS Recycle Zone bought :slight_smile:

Always the possibility to get help from a enginer. Will be a mess with faction changes etc… and, trust tho…
But will be the only workarround i can see for now

So… most players.

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Your statement is wrong.
Statistically in the last RE season, ~1300 played the Origin Engineer, ~700 Explorer, ~300 Dealer, ~150 Fighter.
But I get what you 2 are saying…


Hey @HWS RE we are almost ready to start but stumble over the feared issue every server owner will have Mapping old IDs to new IDs. A common issue nowadays with dynamic block ID ranges. Can’t tell yet how long it will take to fix our automated system for doing it. Stay tuned.

Dear HWS Community @everyone the automatic id mapping of 249 items were successful and first tests were successful. I still need to polish few things, mapping factions to playfields, set up Garage ships, etc. but it’s not a show stopper. The HWS RE 1.7 season starts now! We wish you a great season, great 3 months and a lot of fun! Thanks for your patience. Your HWS Team P.S.: As always at the beginning: 200+ MB and 100+ players trying to connect. The dedicated network layer is not built for that. So you experience some Disconnect Popups and lags at the beginning. It goes away over time.