HWS RE NA Migration imminent

Dear HWS Community @everyone
the new HWS RE NA server is more or less ready. However, the big savegame and other data we have, need some time to copy over to the other server and obviously the current (old) server needs to be shut down for that.
18:00 is a bit too late to not cause prime time inactivity.
Hence we move it 3 hours early. So in 1 hour we shut down the RE NA server and start the migration process.
And no way we will accept tickets either that say “but I thought I still had 3 hours left to spawn my blueprints!!”

I don’t know how long it will take but hopefully before prime time it’s all fresh and ready for you. :v:
The mentioned discount started though and thanks to everyone that are contributing to the new $600 / month server!
Once the server started I’ll do a last announcement about it here (since RE EU is doing CSW to RE NA I did not only ping the RE NA people.)