HWS RE New Season recap

Good Morning <@&926930721812123738> <@&276037439074729984>
great to see so many of you back - especially a warm welcome to the new players! :wave:
Some recaps from yesterday:

• The login queue should be much faster now, since the CPU affinity is working fine now (sry, forgot to start it during the start yesterday)

• The initial Class 1 CV restriction for ECC got removed again, because RE has just too many structures for EAH to enforce in time. Instead we *will *work on a Tax formula that cost you more and more credits, the longer you stay there and not new but as a reminder: after 7 days not moving your structure, it will be removed. (ECC and ECC Sector).
Especially now, bringing the most popular playfields closer to the Starting System, we must guarantee a smooth experience for everyone on those 2 playfields.
In the future we might add a quest, that gives you a Tax free day or so.

• Because the high numbers on RE, I added a new Starter playfield logic: After 7 days, not touching your structures, they will be removed. Not new but as reminder: after 14 days camping on the starter playfields (planet and sector), the structures will be removed.
Again, same reason as above. We have to provide a smooth experience for new joining players. Use the egs:spawn command to get yourself a starter CV and move out from there (I activated egs:spawn on almost all starter planets now)

• On HWS RE NA a litte git merge conflict happened, so the Sup System is still in the center of the Universe. Please use the Supergate in ECC Sector to get there easily. (I’ll test locally if I can move Systems around without causing database corruption)

• On RE we test this season a Class Size limit of 5 for all structures in PvP. I doubt it will be good for performance but since the nature of this scenario is PvE and quantity, I just give it a seasonal test. (please send PvP videos in <#451807055255175178> for verification :popcorn: )

Last but not least, the first player who claims the first HWS Star Fragment gets 1 Alien Core for free from me. Send a screenshot + ping me at <#503234178272460810> :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again and we wish you a great season! <:hwsstar:535932728886034439>

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