HWS RE upcoming season info. 14th April

Good Morning @everyone
you can from now until 21th April use OCD and Recycle globally.
Keep in mind it means you can use it for free, without the need to visit a zone it does not mean it’s globally free (the get fee), only in zones.

Other than that I offer a discount from 12th to 16th April (up to -80% for Patrons).

Last but not least the new HWS RE season will have following changes for you:
• Reworked / fix of all available Stargate Missions in EGS HQ (Community feedback)
• A new Starter CV thanks to <@203079554594635778> and Ente. (Community feedback)
• Better visuals for the whole Homeworld PvP System (less bright, more appealing terrain textures. Community feedback)
• Changes to The Sphere and The Prism (Community feedback)
• More incentives for the Homeworld Planet - POIs and a new Capture the Planet system.
• Event changes to Battle Royale and Eton (Community feedback)
• Patch 1.9.10 will contain big performance improvements but to be double safe Class Size reduction for PvP from Class 5 to 3 for SVs and HVs. BA & CV stay at class 5. (Community feedback)
• If time allows the start of our discussed HWS Patreon DLC content, otherwise will add it along the season. (https://www.patreon.com/posts/what-hws-patron-79970148)

Looking forward to another great RE season and thank you all so much for your <#1048599970741223475> and <#1055144334619582504> ! It’s really appreciated!

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