HWS+ Release Info (14th June Release)

Dear HWS Community @everyone,
this time it’s not my fault! :see_no_evil: but Eleon needs apparently 1 more week for the release of Patch 1.8.
As I said, HWS+ will be released together with Patch 1.8 - so the new release date of HWS+ is the 14th June.

Few additional notes:
• Since too many are still asking: HWS RE EU and HWS RE NA will keep running, no worry.
HWS+ EU and HWS+ NA are just an “upgrade” of the current HWS EU and HWS NA server, that had no full wipe since 1,5 years. In the end we just have a 4 Server line up with 2 different Scenarios.

• Another FAQ: I have plans how to CSW’ all 4 servers together in the future - it’s a technical challenge and very unique, but possible.

• I’ll run a discount from 10th to 15th June for the HWS+ servers

• HWS RE EU and HWS RE NA won’t be full wiped on 14th June.