HWS Scan

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Global Structure Scan

Every Origin can activate the special ability Global Scan


Type in chat fa:scan to toggle the scan on or off


  • Consumes 15 RP per day if activated
  • Consumes 10 RP instantly when activated / toggled on

Additional Info

  • Can be activated as soon as you have 25 RP
  • Helps find people in the universe by indicating whether a structure is located on the playfield in question (via HWS Connect > HWS Universe)
  • Allows players to view the amount of cores / blocks / devices on every playfield
  • Without global scan, players see only ??? on the HWS Universe page in HWS Connect

Sample Scan

Origin Scan

Additionally, you can scan your surroundings by the command

  • It cost 1 RP per usage
  • If other structures are near a HUD Marker will be placed at them telling you what Origin they belong to
  • The Marker stays for 30 seconds
  • Range on planet: 500m
  • Range in space: 1200m
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