HWS Server 1.6! Custom Mods + Universe and much more

Hey HWS survivalist, hey new discoverer

Even though it is not a beta release of the game we are excited to announce our biggest relaunch of HWS ever. The last week was very quite for us. That wasn’t that bad - we had time to develop awesome new content for you. So let me walk us through this:

Wiping and running two servers:
The canada server was not the best one. I will try to fix the latency but it is for free till september so we let this one running. The main server will be the new EU one. We did a test and this is the best server by far till now. So if you type HWS in the filter - choose your favorite one: HWS EU (europe) or HWS NA (north america).
So both server are wiped and have the new universe + features.

New features / gameplay in HWS
Alright let us list it up for you:

GTA5 Mod

This is very important and will influence your overall way of gaming! You lose EC now if you die! So you have to transfer your EC from time to time into the bank! It is like pocket money and bank money. You can’t go yolo anymore - think before attacking. At least in EC terms. In the Elemental Marketplace there is also the Elemental Bank. There you can pay your EC in or out.
Just type eb:? For more information.
So everyone has still the EC from the old save game. But to not make it unfair at the beginning you need to fly to the Bank and pay it out :wink:

Bonus - Start Event: The first one who arrives at the bank and let his EC been payed out will get a 10k EC bonus :slight_smile:

Trader Mod

Finally you can also trade with players. But not only your items - no! Even your ships! Fly to the Elemental Marketplace and rent your shop there. Bonus: The weekend traders have no fees there!
So then just follow the commands on ts:? Or ti:? and you start your business now!
Remember: This is only possible in the Elemental Marketplace.

Economy Mod

The HWS survivalists know this already - you can trade some items with the global Elemental Bank. They are limited and the price is dynamic. It is like a real system with demand and offer.
Start your journey with eb:?

So you think this was all right? Nah… it is just the beginning :slight_smile:

Let me introduce a feature coming soon:

Cross Server Warps!

You want to play with your HWS NA ship on the HWS EU server? Or maybe even from a totally different server? Just “flying over” to check out another server without having to start from the beginning?
Yes, you can. Connecting galaxies together and make a whole new gaming experience possible.
I know the devs bringing that soon to Empyrion - but why not now? :slight_smile:
Stay tuned…

New universe

After lot of feedback and analyzing the capabilities of the game I made a new universe which is smaller but not too small. It will create a lot of action and dynamic gameplay. You need to think more now where to fly to and of course play even more with tactic due to the star formation.
So again we made a 3D map. To get a feel of it visit this link please:


What is a multiplayer + survival without a little story? Therefore you can chose of five different factions and there way of playing on HWS. Just read more about it here: empyrion-homeworld.net/story


And all of this won’t work if you do not have rules, right? So please always keep them in mind and follow them: empyrion-homeworld.net/rules
But I heard the Elemental Prison has beautiful alien girls around… :wink:

Last but not least we changed the wipe times to have a better overall performance. So keep in mind:
Earth will be wiped every Monday + Friday at 9AM (GMT+2)
Mars will be wiped every Wednesday at 9AM (GMT+2)


So much text huh? No problem! Just download the PDA and follow the instructions there: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=107&p=441#p441 and you have all of the commands, the map and more in your game! Press F1 to always find your way through.

But all of this is also not possible without you! So we really thank you for your patience, commendations and general support - even in harder times :slight_smile:

If you have any questions just let us know.

Your HWS Team