HWS Server

I logged into the formus today to see a large message, im guessing from rex. And tbh it saddened me that with all the effort we know the admins put in, in their free time! there are players giving them agro because of bugs and glitches. As the message states the game is still alpha guys and bugs are to be expected, weve all had our fair share of them but rather than slate the admins why not help them, appreciate what they are creating for your enjoyment, be supportive and send logs if you have bugs. Ive had a few issues and losts ships but at the end off the day its only a game and besides that the admins bent over backwards to help me.
The message clearly reflects that the comments of players are getting to admins which isnt good guys without them we dont have what is in my opinion the best server on this game, so I would appreciate and like to see some thankful comments in the replys to let the admins and devs know we appreciate thier hard work :slight_smile: after all were supposed to be a friendly community here and it costs nothing to be nice and may change someones day.
cheers for readin and leaving a reply guys.


I understand that people rage at times due to the state of the game so now and then but they should not rage against the admins indeed.

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Extremely well put and I second all of it / can’t really improve upon it.

Thanks for putting into words what the large majority of the community feels / thinks, Gogzy.

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