HWS Ship Glitched Out

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: My Proto Q that I bought from the garage had 9 drills on it. I parked the SV inside my CV on our donare planet. Today when I logged in, I just went out to go mining and the Proto Q didn’t have any drills on it. None. Where the drills were, are empty holes. The ship was perfectly fine yesterday when I used it. I don’t know why the drills are gone.
Player(s) with issue: lilkountree
Server: North America
Time (cb:time): 15,337:57
Playfield: Vulc City
Structure Name(s): Proto Q LiL
Structure ID(s): 11132624
How can we help you now: I’m not sure why part of the ship is missing. None of the armor around it is missing as if someone from my clan used it. No one purposely took the drills off to troll me. I just spent 6 mil for a ship that’s now useless. I’d like to see the admins either replace the ship or replace the turrets. I don’t want to be out 6 mil for no reason in other words.

Do i take it from the fact that the ship is no longer in NA that you resolved the issue?

After logging off for a while, I now have 8 drills in the front. I just took it over to San… 8 is better than 6 still.