HWS Supporter Playfields 2

We have a few questions:
1: Do we buy the playfield before the season is over or when the season starts?
2: If we decide on a unrestricted PVE do we still get our structures not counting for global base count and does it include ships.
3. With the POIs do we get to select hard ones with the best loot or is it random?
4: Are we going to get taxed by being on this planet?

You can buy a planet any time. The lifetime is 90 days. However it’s better to buy one together with a full wipe / new season, because you live on it for 90 days without interruption.

We had this in the past and it didn’t work out. Either the buyer spawned 255 structures on it so nobody else could enter it anymore or someone else did it and the buyer had no room for his own planet.
Hence at least the global limits are active for now. Only on unrestricted / Rotation playfields of course.

Overall it’s your call. I will check in the end.
In general no too overpowered POIs are allowed on restricted playfields.
For example HWS POIs.


A few more questions
1: Can our faction buy planet and space but from different members and still be together?

2: Will we be able to mix PVE and PVP, for example we want restricted space PVE and unrestricted planet PVP?

3: Would we start on starter planet, I assume yes.

4: When you say in your specs guide " * If you select a restricted Supporter Space playfield (not Planet), you can request your own Starbase be spawned . (no Class limit, etc.)"
Does this mean at no cost to us in resources.

5: Will planet and space be located where we can jump to, lets say, sactuary or benomi without going thru pvp areas?

Thanks for answering, we just want to make sure it is something we want and enjoy before we pay into it.


Depends. Your example makes no sense and is not allowed.
Why do you want an unrestricted planet if everyone is kicked out of the orbit already, cause it’s restricted.
Only the other way around is possible.

No. Everyone has to fly to it by themself. With the ECC Supergate + Supporter Supergate it was never a topic though.


The locations are predefined and can’t be changed. You can reach your Playfield safely through PvE routes. See here:

hws-9-universe.png4034×2504 387 KB

That is totally fine and recommended! Nothing worse than complains afterwards! :slight_smile:

The Bottom line if not discovered yourself yet:
HWS is not Pay 2 Win. At least if you understand everything 100%!
I tried to balance everything very carefully for everyone.

Makes perfect sense the answer to question #2, but one can’t help wonder. I like that HWS is not pay to win, I have asked questions to understand it’s limits.

Sorry but I’m still a bit confused about question #3, what I’m understanding is that we start at ECC and each of us must fly to our supporter space/planet.

In regards to restricted PVE space for the faction and unrestricted PVP planet for all, can these two be separate or do we only get “one slot”, not sure if that is the correct term. We are kinda split right now on which one we want, if we cant have both we are just going to settle for one or what is possible to have if both.

I know your time is valuable and we appreciate the time you take with us.

It’s like you started in this season. Alliance-Cryo for example. Then travel your way through.
Or Prototype and use the Prototype Supergate straight to ECC.
There are many creative (fast) ways to travel around the HWS Universe.

Ah, sure, that is an option and doable. The planet goes to Donare System and the Space as “Revery placeholder” on the Universe Map.