HWS SV is back in my CV at Penthouse East

Dear Sirs, please delete this HWS SV so it stops appearing inside my CV. I appreciate your help and patients concerning this matter, thank you.

Hey Caligulav,

sure we can do this. Just let us know the name / ID of the ship please.

Caligula I’m probably wrong as I haven’t experienced it myself, but I believe that if you have something seized it becomes [HWS]. I think you’re only allowed 1 HV/SV/CV on penthouse planets, so if you land with 2 on board then 1 will be seized after 5 warnings. Perhaps that’s why you keep finding HWS SVs on your CV?

Indeed This appears to be a common occurance. Will consider some self-help options.

Did this get addressed?

Thanks, the HWS SV was removed but left on my landing pad unfortunately it’s still there. The last time I landed my CV on my landing pad I forgot that the HWS SV was there. Landed on top of it and it went back in my CV. Now I land my CV not on the landing pad but next to it so as to avoid the same situation.

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