HWS Taking over our Capital Vessel

Just created a new capital vessel, as we was loading it up with our resources ready to move planet it became under control from HWS! , we have players stuck on the ship, iv used a DO:BP to spawn it and used a lot of resource to create it from BP, can we get some help pleasee

Sounds like you broke a law.

Were you:
Warp camping
Delinquent on taxes
Exploiting in anyway in ship design

Neither the name “Abu_Azrael” nor a “Capital Vessel” can be found on either EU or NA. (we have millions of “Captital Vessels”).

So I can’t help for now.

hi RexXxxuS it will be under the name Shade, part of Loyal Guards on the Guardians

also the rule we broke i think was no more than 1 CV, we are more than willing to lose control of our first one, but would like to keep our new one ofc

My advice is get the ships ID (open console ~ key under escape and type DI) then look at the vessel it will show the ID for the ship, secondly you need to narrow it down for Rex bud there a few servers, which are you on?

I do apologise you can imagine how much of a panic me and the other guys in the clan are being with spending so much time getting the stuff together for the ship to lose it, I am on the EU server and the ID is 29109668 for the ship

Perfect :slight_smile: yeah that’s understandable bud best thing to remember is to give asmuch info as you can to help the team help you :slight_smile:

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You had 30 minutes to resolve the server warnings. Please make sure to read those.
(10 warnings a 3 minutes)

I set it back to faction L G for now.

thanks RexXxus ill make sure to get online now and deconstruct our old ship.

much appreciated