HWS Tank Rush Event



East Side is the best


Westside!!! NA
had a lot of fun even though we lost
some of the tanks were not properly labeled
it was hard to distinguish your enemies on foot whether there are from the east or west side
thank you Homeworld Server and hopefully we can have more events like this in the future


East !! NA


IGN: Dreamworks
West Team
Great event, weapons on crate would have been better as some of us came ready for a tank battle instead of a foot one, and dying once was enough to leave anyone out of the foot battle.


I had the error message a few times as well. Was annoying lol


I wasn’t able to record the whole battle I forgot:expressionless:
I don’t have a good video editing software so I’m just going to play it all on YouTube.


West Team

Pretty nice event, it was a lot of fun.


BiGGiE ^^


west NA
still going to get 5 million dollars for losing right


It was 8 million, not 5. Hopefully though. I did it for the TANKKKKKKK EVENNNNT… but money is nice too.


Thanks for the event - was surprisingly good fun (I’m not a HV pilot, SV is my ‘thing’) - but would definitely participate again.

Juggoire - Go Team WEST! :smiley:


Was WEST on EU server
Even finished at 2 place on kill board :slight_smile:


Cheers for the reward Rexxus! A good way of encouraging people to participate! This will help me in my 51mil repayment to Zappe… (he’s a real loan-shark that one!)

Best regards


Hey @everyone,

everyone from EU and NA got their prizes now. Sorry for the wait - I will mention next time that it will take 24-48 hours. (some people are really impatient…)

Overall I want to thank everybody for participation, even though it was chaotic, the first time or hoped for something better.
We / I learned a lot from it and how to improve it the next time.
With the help of @Schleicher we got already a big improvement for the beginning for NA implemented. Also even though the Tower crashed (for unknown reasons) again on NA, it was a lot more stable than on EU.
That some experienced bad things like spawn killing it was not fun but announced way before by me

So that was not part of a punishment, credit wise at least. RP wise a bit.
Also at the end of the EU event one guy did weird things, not explainable at all and considered as exploiting for not stopping it and reporting it.

Anyways, except of that, most of the guys had fun, including me here and there, although it was very stressy.

Some information about that HWS event and more:

  • It took me 2 days to prepare and build it
  • I spend over 10 hours to hold the event fro EU and NA at night
  • It took me 2 hours to figure out who was in what team by coordinate log crawling and giving the rewards

That should just show that Jascha and me really have to make it way more easier and faster in the future!

Because there are so many, infinite ideas, of events I would love to create and start. My goal for the future is to run an event every weekend!

Stay tuned guys - I think this would make everything incredible more fun on top of all!

Tank Rush Event stats and videos

Videos - THANKS so much for recording!


  • ~ 169 HVs spawned
  • 23 vs 23 (total 46 players)
  • Winner got 23m credits and 230 RP
  • Loser got 11,5m credits and 115 RP


  • ~ 44 HVs spawned
  • 17 vs 17 (total 34 players)
  • Winner got 17m credits and 170 RP
  • Loser got 8,5m credits and 85 RP

Sepcial Thanks



And everyone else participating and giving feedback!

Next event

It will be in a better style in the future but let’s do a quick poll here while we are on it

What event do you want next time?

  • HV Race II (same as the first one with improvements)
  • Tank Rush II (same as last with improvements)
  • FPS Deathmatch Arena (only hand weapons in an arena. West vs East)
  • Tank Deathmatch (similar Tanks from Tank Rush but only same Tanks and no new Tank if you died)
  • SV Deathmatch (same SVs for everyone, FFA + turney)
  • CV Deathmatch (same CVs for everyone, FFA)
  • Capture the Flag Maze Runner (West vs East, need to capture fast an item in an unknown maze)

0 voters

Thanks and see you in the next event!

Your HWS Team

Event: No reward Recived


That looks like loads of fun. Gonna try and make it to the next one.


Was far far, and didnt participate… What I see on video - its trash. For what u build dat gigantic tower - I didnt understand. Tanks got toooooo much acceleration (why? Its tanks or race-cars?). After 5-10 mins, I was watching stupid lag-show FPS… Sry - idea rly cool. But final version and that what I see - its hard fail (((((( 20% of time Tanks (which rans like mad F1-cars), and other 80% of time its siege of tower, full of lags and anarchy.

Looking for decision on next event. Right now, Im glad that I didnt waste my time. Sry, but its true.


Well as someone who was there it was actually super duper fun! We were able to destroy the first tower and conquered the second one, all the while we were on discord desperately attempting to identify friend from foe :slight_smile:

Try not to miss the next one!
Best regards


Well, it is impossible to change the basic foundation of the game. These tanks were sluggish but you would need to build giant HVs to slow down enough so they do not reach 35 m/s. There was considerably less lag than in any larger fight on HW/GG, there was tank on tank fighting and there was close quarters combat on foot. Yes, the event had issues. Yes, there were things that could have run smoother (and the NA event did in fact run smoother). But this is what happens if you do new, untested stuff in an alpha game.

But maybe you’d try to not judge an event if you weren’t there. It was fun for the overwhelming majority of participants and everyone single one that was there got a nice reward out of it.


I saw whole picture from video. And I could imagine HOW I would take part in it. Race-car “tanks”? no way its fun. 50% time FPS in elevators in tower - 100% not fun. Mb for u its rly cool, bc u got a lot of free time, but for me, race-car-tanks - its hard fail. FPS in dat tower - no way its fun. I was looking for rly hard tank-battle and fast round with “who first capture tower”. And even if it would be short “rounds” - why not? But that would be REAL tanks…

But nwm. Looking for next time. As for me - gonna test different HV-configurations, for creating event-tank. Slow tank. Hard to drive. Ofc, if someone interested in TANK fights…