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Did you know…

  • That you can get help, join our Discord server and see how many people are on the servers in the sidebar?

    Just press the orange Hamburger icon on the very top right to open the sidebar. If you open it in HWS Connect you see also the Server time

  • That you can open HWS Connect in your steam web browser?

    Here is a good way to make use of it

  • That you get the best support by entering that URL in your browser? help.hws.global?

    Just replace the “Write here” boilerplate with your problem and you get help in the fastest possible way.

  • That you can read the complete Guide also in the game?

    Just press F1 on your keyboard and navigate at the top to Knowledge Base

  • That you can click buttons on HWS Connect instead of typing commands in chat?

    Just use HWS Connect

  • That you can get a free loot crate every day?

    Available in HWS Connect, every day at 3PM. It contains gold coins and an Auto Miner Core

  • That the color of the icons in the sector map have a meaning?

    Check here the meaning of them

Tips & Tricks

Question about PVP in PVE zones
Siccaxe's beginner tips for HWS

General FAQ

  • Is this a vanilla server?

    No, it is the most advanced / modded server in Empyrion

  • When is the next server full wipe?

    HWS has seasons. Each season runs for 3 months. Every full wipe will be announced so you can prepare yourself for it

  • I hate to lose everything. Do I really lose everything with a full wipe?

    No! On HWS we get you covered by many possibilities to keep your progress throughout a full wipe. There are certain things we have to wipe but items and credits can be kept. Make sure to read here the full options you have!

  • Do you have any Tutorial videos?

    Yes, please check em out here:

  • What is HWS EU and HWS NA?

    HWS EU is the server for europe
    HWS NA is the server for america

  • Who are the admins? How can I contact them?

    Check here our HWS team out

  • What rules are on HWS?

    Visit the Rules page please

  • When / why do the servers restart?

    Since the game is still in development we have to restart from time to time to not only grant smooth performance but also interact with the universe in certain ways. Restart times are now equal on all three servers. Which means in more detail:

    • 9AM (Tax check, Interest check, PvPvE toggle, etc.)
    • 5PM (Black Hole EU wipe)
    • 11PM (Black Hole NA wipe)

    (Quick conversion help. 9AM “server time” = Midnight Pacific; 5PM = 8AM Pacific; 11PM = 5PM Pacific)

  • Do you accept donations / how does it work?

See here please

  • My ready to spawn blueprint are gone?

    If you start / finished the blueprint on Computer X and you logout and play Empyrion the next time on Computer Y be aware of the blueprint loss because the blueprints are saved locally for the proper Computer (X in this case). We can’t restore local stored blueprints unfortunately.

  • My blueprint didn’t spawn / is on the map but not rendered!?

    In very rare occasions it can happen that your blueprint you just spawned is not rendered. Either you have luck at it is visible after a relog or server restart. Or you try a workaround which helps from time to time. Here is a workaround about invisible ships

  • All my stuff is gone! What happened?

    There can be different reasons for that. For example if you didn’t touch your structures for 9+ days. Read here more about it

Universe FAQ

  • Where can I find resource XY?

    We want to encourage the exploration aspect of the game. So a lot of such information have to be gathered by yourself or asking in the community. However from time to time information are leaked. For an overall universe map please look here

Story FAQ

  • I didnt get my alien sacrifice container after i finished X mission?

    Please make sure that you have sufficient space in the backpack portion of your inventory. We are presently unable to place those items in your hand slots. If you do not have room, you may miss out on your award!

  • How do i get Reputation as an Alliance / Freelancer / Lawless?

    Please look here in the Guide

  • What locations are taxed and how do they work?

    Read here more about taxes

Features FAQ

  • How does the Orbital Auto Miner work?

    The Orbital Auto Miner is our way to deal with the late game. So you don’t have to mine later yourself anymore. The Auto Miner collecting Ores for you every hour - even if you are offline. Read more about it in HWS Connect or the HWS Guide please.

  • How many auto miner can I have?

    The first level is for every resource free. So just type for every ressource you want: am:buy:go (the normal ressource abbrevs like go, bc ) Please see all information about the AM in HWS Connect

  • Where to see how much my auto miner mined?

    To prevent massive ingame chat spam we put it to HWS Connect. So please go HERE to see your stats not only for auto miners

  • How does Orbital Cargo Drone (OCD) work?

    It is very simple. You put stuff from your inventory to an virtual cargo box. We are saving everything and show it to you in HWS Connect. If you want the stuff back you can do so with the proper commands
    Your stuff in the OCD is wipe resistent, kill resistent and cb:reset resistent. Read more about it in the HWS Connect.

  • How can I withdraw my money from the bank?

    Everything what is not in your inventory / player is in the Elemental Bank. So with eb:payout:all you get it into your inventory. Look up the commands here.
    Having credits in the Elemental Bank is madatory to buy special things such as RP or Ships.

  • How do I get credits?

    Either mine gold or loot aliens and get money cards. The credits are then in your player bank (type eb:info). The other way is to send someone credits with the “eb:send:ACC-NR:AMOUNT” command. Type eb:info to see your account number (acc-nr). Later there are also ways in getting credits in choosing a certain faction or park your credits to the bank where interest are applied. The other way is the auto miner of course. See above.
    Another way is to kill people (with the proper Origin) or just trading in either Black Market or the ingame Marketplace.

  • Where is the Elemental Bank and what is it?

    The Elemental Bank is located in the Elemental Capital City (ECC). It is on the planet in the EGS HQ. Only there you can pay in / out your credits without fees. If you pay in / out globally it is 5% (if you don’t have the proper Bank Level).

  • Where is the HWS Marketplace and what is it?

    The Elemental Marketplace is located in different locations in the universe. The main hub is in ECC Space and ECC

  • How does lottery work?

    Just type lot:? in the game to see the current Jackpot and play rules.

Donation FAQ

  • Is HWS Pay to Win (P2W)?

    Short answer: no, but depends on the definition.
    Longer answer: if you have 2 new players joining HWS where one is spending real money, buying every package we offer and one playing without any donations, both have the exact same conditions. Hence the paying player can’t “win” against the non-paying player.
    Why? Because on HWS we integrated an automatic system nobody has – the longer a player plays on HWS the more benefits he has. If someone gives us for example 1000 € but has 0 Playhours he gains absolutely nothing out of it.
    However what the paying player achieved in the long run is saving time. He can donate for things which are faster accessible to him. Still, this does not mean he can kill / destroy / win against the non-paying player but just created a boost for himself.
    Unlike others paying does not mean an instant advantage player can get.
    What triggers the P2W discussion most of the times is that the non-paying player is envious to these time savers because a Survival game is mostly a grinding game and only few people like this aspect, thus it needs time.
    Such “time saver” donations are in fact no win against a player but win against time — can be interpreted for long.
    Crucial point however is: The non-paying player can achieve everything the Donator achieved with money but just slower.
    In the end both player can and will play on HWS always for free.

  • How are over 500$ per month doable?

    While at the beginning and in very rare occasions we have to pay the bills from our own pocket, it is mostly and mainly doable with the support of generous donator. We really appreciate this and by their contribution we can offer a free and fun server for thousands of player. It really motivates us.

  • Is only PayPal accepted?

    For now, yes. The server bills are taken from PayPal and for financial records this is the only official way. If you live in germany and only on rare occasions we allow paysafecard as well. Needs to be discussed with @RexXxuS personally though. See also below…

  • What about Patreon?

    We plan to test Patreon in the near future. More information coming by then.

  • Are you running HWS for living?

    While we both are educated and having jobs here and there, my personal goal would be to make money with my dedication, yes. Not because donations would make me rich by all means, but because I found so many areas making me happy: I can make other people happy, I can code (HWS Connect & Co.), I can be creative and influence a whole game, I were always addicted to games and I am my own boss. All of this is of course combined with work, hard work, not many realizing it. HWS was the first step in a “Server Owner” role and everything was created and built up from scratch. By now, roughly calculating, in about 15 000 hours, sometimes 100 hours per week, day and night.
    Again, it is dedication, and I would really like if I could live by that. Not yet 100% but maybe in the future.

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