I am unable to finish missions

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What happened:
=> When trying to turn in the quest The Epic Gift Part 3 the box says cannot access another faction. I tried restarting the quest, I tried leaving ecc and returning with a ship instead of warping and I tried to actually complete the quest again by losing reputation with the last part. Mutant and Bob were able to complete it but I was not and we are all in a faction. The same night we completed the hard mission that gives the alien core reward and I was not able to get the reward for that either because the last lever didnt work. I do have screenshots of everything and the portal at the end of the mission was open saying it was complete but no one got the reward. I am a new player and just learning but immediately became a patreon your server is massively impressive thank you for your hard work.

Player(s) with issue:
=> BillyBobJimmyJohn

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 6/2/20 12am est for mission, and since then multiple tries to open box at ecc for other alien core reward.


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Really I would like to know if the hard mission actually works before we use a ton of supplies and try a third time or if it currently has a bug and I would like either the box at ecc to be checked or an aliencore for that mission since i cant access it. Really getting pumped fror next season again thank you for your hard work.

Welcome to HWS @BillyBobJimmyJohn

sorry for the delay due the stress for the upcoming huge HWS 12 release.

First of all: thank you very much for your nice words and supporting us that way! Means a lot to me and motivates me to hear such things! :slight_smile:

Yeah, similar cases in the forum reported here…
I gave you the reward manually for now.

That is the Alien Asylum Mission. @Bob already reported it, so check here please:

It will be completely reworked for HWS 12, finally bug free I think…

Thanks for playing and enjoy your stay

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Thank you very much cant wait to use that core! Rex how can I contribute to the server with any type of design work? I would love to make some missions or design some buildings/ships for missions.


Yes we were able to complete the Alien Asylum mission and know how to teach others. Thx @ExplosiveT0AST for additional pointers.

I believe @Ju would be able to provide more information on this. I have seen your ship designs and would love to see what you could do for POI’s

Great to hear, great question!
Well, the biggest boost would be to make POIs for HWS. I would love to have more custom POIs with unique, smart level design.
I have to do more of our CCC series…

But there is also the HWS Garage for ship type content.

For Missions in general I recommend my eWCCT Tool. That will boost the gameplay also to a next level.

TL;DR: Empyrion is the only game on this planet, which gives you so much creativity to influence things as Server Owner in my opinion. The only limiting factor is imagination and time.
Both can be tackled with people like you :slight_smile:

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