I am unable to login

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What happened:
=> I logged out around 8pm est standard in Davil in space at Mutants base and now cannot login. I have been trying every few hours since then. From what I understand no one can enter the system so I am assuming it is down.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Billybobjimmyjohn, Mutant

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 8pm est, until current 8:34 am est

=> Davil

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Just like to know when this system will be up, I do understand this is a very busy time so not nagging at you Rex. Just want a heads up when its up so i can get some ore cooking lol.

try after the 5pm restart! in 40 min =)

Sadly I still cannot login I think the sector is still down

I also can’t get in Devs are looking into it. Sorry. Should I warp you somewhere else? (Might not be able to warp any ships though)

That would be amazing if u could just get me to ecc That would be a life saver that way i can spawn a ship and go to the system i want to put my base in

Warped you there. turn on Jetpack when you login. Not sure where you land :wink:

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Thank u soooooo much

Now I am getting this error is this internal for me do i need to reinstall or something?

Have the same issue. Devs are looking in to it. Not sure if we can do something about it until then

Im reinstalling at the moment just in case, I can log into EU no prob but dont ever play there so no ocd and starting with a survival tool is way harder than Im used to ha. Thank you for trying to help if possible and u have time if u can try to warp me to golden globe some players told me that may work.

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haha… has that as a copypaste =D

I reinstalled no luck, I cleared cache no luck, I am still able to join EU no problem at all.

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You should be able to login again. Please try again

Still the same error just now for a different sector

Ok, try now

Same error for proto station came up again

OK, one last time please

restarted steam and computer and cleared cache again
same error still

OK, sorry.
hm this might be a deeper issue that the devs wanted to check. I don’t know where to warp you to get it fixed anymore.
I could only reset you :frowning:

If you reset me could u give me back xp I already hit 25 lol i wont lose too much stuff i put in my foctory and only had a small ship and large base spawned and at this point i just want to play