I cant clam my voting reward help plz!

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**What happened:i cant clam my voting reward for a 3rd or 4th time now this is getting old guys
**Player(s) with issue:Me
**Server:HWS NA
Time (cb:time): Write here
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
**How can we help you now:Help me clam my reward im not getting anything for it anymore.

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I gave you another 3 rewards (since I gave you your rewards on the 19th for the days before).
So You should be ok until tomorrow.
Rex is working on the vote right now. Should be fixed soon.
Let us know if you miss more the next days

Well I just did it again and I still didn’t get it I can claim it but then i don’t get anything at all not even on my log?
P.s I even waited a bit and still not anything at all and I see on discord that rex saying that it was fixed but not from what I see here I still have the same thing happen now I have to wait a hole another day to get to try it again for it not to work wow this is turning into a big job for me it would be nice if I could get some Compensation for all this would be nice like my own Planet or Space area for rest of this Season would be great because me and my friend was trying to get one or the other but I’m probably not that lucky but if you all could work something like that out we would pay for it next Season for sure.


so after my rework and trying to make it clear with words: it depends if the website allows it or not.
Complain at the third party website. I just give you the chance of processing the data I get from them.

If you check this conversation you might get it fixed too though

But I did a deeper investigation for your account and it seems you misinformed @Jascha or a miscommunication happened, while I was at vacation.

The API does not lie and it shows me that you legally voted only 4 times on HWS NA:


If I check your account however I see this


So say thanks to Jascha for his generous offer he gave to you.

Be more accurate and patient next time, because I can follow each single step you make and see if it’s true or not.

Ok for one i did the f5 thing and still cant clam it even after i clam it i don’t get anything at all even one hour after i still didn’t get one thing for it it like your all not hearing what i’m saying and i said it so many time i’m not getting anything for voting anymore and that about pointless.

this is not enough mate.
You really have to aggressive clear the Browser Cache.


Wait ok i see it now its down lower on my log i was looking at the top but it only showed up after all this stuff and im not going to do this everyday just to get it it take to long for me to type this crap out every day and every day i have had to do this its like a second job just to vote for the sever and if i would have not did the post to tell you guy this you would have never know that i was having this problem

Because y you were going i waited days and never got it at all mate.

A job means it’s needed… it helps you to survive… gives you money and stuff.

Voting is optional, totally voluntary and can be ignored if you don’t like it.
Our rewards are very generous but it does not mean it can be demanded like laws in real life.
Take it or leave it.

I try to improve it nevertheless in my spare time, not getting any real money for my time I invested there.


For one i did not demand anything. But what you said you would give me for doing it and then win i had to do all this just to get what you all said i should get and any kind compensation would be nice for me time lost for pointing it out for you don’t you think ?

Just letting you guy know your shit was broken and i know i don’t have to do it but didn’t say your going to give me something for it and then win i say i didn’t get it acting like im trying to take something for you becuze thats bull my friend if you say your going to give something for doing something then that make it like a job that i didn’t get paid for till i told you about this crap.

And i’m not going to do this every time just to get it I will just stop vote for it all together if you can’t fix it then picking on me just for telling you about it that’s bull !!! Ps and it piss me off that i’m being treated like that and i’m trying to help you what my time is not worth a thing or something.

Look I love playing on this server its the best one I have ever found but if I help you then you help me it just that simple rite I just want to make it better for everyone that plays it and i don’t what anyone else to have it happen to them and deffley not for this long but ain’t my time good for something?

So I just want to draw your attention that you’re getting worked up over an optional feature. Nothing entitles you to get the voting rewards and if it doesn’t work, it doesnt work. Don’t vote then.

The tone of your post and attitude towards people that are working for free to make this server great are really uncalled for man.


I totally agree with You TheState voting is a optional feature for those who want it. It is NOT a standard server feature that will automatic give you FREE STUFF.