I come back with an older problem:Plants die

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What happened: Plants die
Player(s) with issue: base on Peacekeeper West,orbital space
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): 16 -07-2018, hour 18:18
Playfield: Peacekeeper West,orbital space
Structure Name(s): Tiger_V8,base
Structure ID(s): 25834364
How can we help you now: Please analyze what this problem is causing
I comeback with this issue,I thought the planting problem was solved,but unfortunately,no.In this moment,growing plots are from steel,the wall are doubles,first layer form steel,second layer from armored concrete blocks.The base was moved to another location in the same playfield.If the problem it is from game,must find a solution for put the base to another location,not in space,but it’s complicated with taxes.The plants was ok for two days,but now ,only some are dead.
Thank you

You can also report this in the bug thread :blush:

Yes,you all right,but I don’t know yet if the problem are from server or from game

It’s the game. There is a fix coming with 8.2, til then unless you like replanting constantly either move your garden to another PvE planet or try to use them in a CV instead of a BA in space.

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On CV ,this problem don’t exist?

I feel your pain Iidan. I have a 1200 plot farm that died. I had to take up all the dead plants and replant sprouts. Going to try to have more sprouts made ahead of time this time.

Yes,thank you!
It is annoying to to replant all the time,but…I have not another solution.I have a stock of seeds that I refresh,for moment this is the only solution.
Thank you for replay

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