I dont get donor pack's after 10 hour playtime

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What happened: Im watching since much time, and im dont get donor pack’s after 10 hour playtime. When start the 8.0 season, was reset and i got 10/10 pack’s. Im used 6 Blueprint spawn’s and 4 piece resource spawn’s pack. But! I dont get more donor packs after 10 hour playtime. And I see this before the 8.0 season too. I have 497 playtime, but i dont get more packs. Im always watching this.
Player(s) with issue: filakovszky
Server: EU
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10/10 implies you alrdy had maximum packages.

The timer doesn’t reset for each season, after you’ve played for 100 hours total you always get max packages instantly on start of each season.

If you want to refresh them (use more than 10 packages / season) you need to donate again every time you want that.

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Im dont say that the time reset for each season. Im says we always get full 10/10 packs after full server wipe.
pls read the Donator info:

2 donator commands available dependent on your playtime (type do:info for more information):
do:bp -> Every 10 hours playtime it let’s you spawn any structure instant (up to 10 max) . All you have to do is fill up your factory with resources, start the blueprint and type do:bp in chat
do:re -> Every 10 hours playtime it gives you the package below with the chat command do:re in your inventory (up to 10 max).

This says we get 1 pack more after 10 hour playtime. Sure the 10/10 the max, but i dont have 10/10 yet

As Fallen_Angel says. 10 is max and each season or each donation for this resets it.

And as this clearly states:

You only get 10 max. Its not about the used ones its about the maximum you can get. If you only play 10 hours on the server you only get max 1 (even if you donate again, the max will stay at 1 and you can only get another 1) after 100 hours you can get a max of 10. If you used them you can donate again or wait for the season to end. Then they are 0/10 again.

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