I give up

I was stupid enough to restart the game because I wanted to change origin. The dummest thing I have done here at HWS.
I chose Trader planet, but it’s unplayable now, after the update.
You don’t even get 3 minutes of peace to mine resources so you can get the hell off that damn planet.
Constantly there are 3-5 drones chasing you or 5-10 horifying creatures and some times even both. And they all camp your backpack when you are dead. I have died 35 time in about one and a half hour!
I am not new to this game (1400+), and I love the survival aspect, but this is to much. I don’t want it to be easy, but I dont want it to be impossible either. And that’s what is now.


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Sorry my initial reaction was laughter, the entire situation sounds awesome to me, but i guess we all have different versions of survival :wink:

Yea i went a little over board on the creatures, they were not present in last starters and wanted players to have something to shoot at…

next restart we will adjust the playfiled yaml to cut them down, those spiders are the bad ones i guess


I’ve been in those situations on other server starters, usually through a mistake on behalf of the playfield designer. It’s not fun, and if you misstep initially, it can be impossible to rebound.

Ask for help, it won’t be long before someone is able to lend you a hand, maybe faction-up with you and you guys can pool your resources and time to get off the rock together. Not many more options.

Did I just read someone butthurt about endless food and salvage, or am I not understanding something?

I killed 1 creature [1] in 8 days on the pirate starter.
Found about 50 seaweed total in that time too, because what little there was, was always picked.

No the first thing I thought when I loaded into the new trader was holy shit this is how it should of been when I first started on here a week ago. It is AWESOME, thanks!

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I’m glad I got a few pro posts here. Don’t worry those of you that love this kind of hard-core challenge…Not even close to how things will be In 6.0 for those that choose it. you will be given the choice what kind of start you want…

The choice you make will put you on the course on what kind of play experience you want from HWS…

The greater the risk sometimes can reap the best outcomes… Or sometimes ends in total failure…

Let see how things play out then :wink:

Until then the creatures have been reduced way back and things easier, until we can offer people choices its not fair to say it has to be hard. It’s not great for the ones that always choose the hardest difficulty but generally the average player likes things easier.

So patience for 6.0 and those of you that like the heat will stay in the kitchen, if not you have the choice not even to walk in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After starting on NA hunter starter I can agree those drones are brutal :smiley: but its great I wouldn’t change it one bit.


Well, to be fair, it’s supposed to be a hard server according to the name. I’m just saying.

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Roll on 6.0 I want stuff to shoot in the face and to feel the need to constantly be looking over my shoulder it’s survival after all.
Pro tip spiders are sneaky press del to rotate camera while ur mining etc saves things sneaking up on you :wink:

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Almost makes me want to CB:RESET to experience all thins great hardness.

I remember being on starter after a wipe and first one one the system and even then an unlucky spawn will have drones camping for a while.

I spent a lot of time hiding in what little water there was. Hahaha

And jumping out between reloads to fill the drones full of lead? That was my tactic haha, sink to reload :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Lancer starter is Awesome Hard!

Looking forward to the full wipe now! :slight_smile:

lol we are too alike my friend

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I agree, I lost all my weapons trying to shoot down 3 drones, a spider and a raptor. So figured I might as well fresh start, two drones and 4 raptors, lol… and no weapon at all. Not sure how I’m supposed to make one with them all over me on every spawn. Had been away for a while with a tough semester and figured I’d get back on now.

usually plenty of folks offering help if you ask :slight_smile:

Doesn’t seem like much people online at all… anyways, I’m not really giving up, but damn that was crazy, lost everything I had from start of semester! Starting from scratch, and wipe I’m guessing is in the next few days?

When the new patch come im me or gareth will be online if you need any help that the eu server

I wish I had the experience of the super drone army at the start… was nuts running away from them on a reset!

It’s fun poping in and out of the water taking pot shots at drones XD