I got stuck :(

So, I was leaving Z orbit, an using forward thrust as well as vertical thrust, at an angle, an ended up bumping the pole. I moved away from the pole and left orbit, got sent to the title screen and an internal error. Cant log back in. Teammates rescued my ship, so no issues there. I just cant log in, lol.

Thanks in advance


sorry yesterday was so much stuff going on, I somehow did not see your post :frowning:.
I’m not sure if it was taken care off already, but I warped you to center of Z. Normaly that should help.
I also logged in with your player and it looked fine. Sorry for the late responce.

Please make sure to send your loggs to the devs: [email protected] and tell them that you were playing on HWS

PS: For all who have Erros type CB:Log. There you find Informations about where to find and where to send the logs to.

Ty sir, and no worries, i wasnt feeling well, so an early bed time was in order anyways. I’ll send my logs in to the devs