I have gone under surgery after 2 weeks i came home.. and this is what wated me

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What happened: When i was starting the game up i got an error, and got many other problems caused and i am not able to play the game for 2 weeks. So now i am writing a ticket.
Player(s) with issue: The past 2 weeks i were spending my time in hospital due i had my right hand operated and i was not able to use it for now, but that now i am finaly home i wanted to start the game up, than i got an error, but in the discord server i were able to get some help there. But when i have seen that my ship and its whole chargo were gone i… i do not even know what to comment on it… what should i do now? i have a little equipment as i am but i can barly do anytihng right now… so i need help about what should i do now… I have left the Duckster a duck and rooster shaped small ship with full of a tons of needed chargo that i needed to build my first capital vessel… basicly and for survival perpuces in the Aliance HQ Space…
Server: HWS EU |Season II|Costum Universe|Story|Actieve|PvPvE|Mods
Time (cb:time): UTC+1 15:57
Playfield: Alliance HQ
Structure Name(s): Duckster MK I
Structure ID(s): 3533819
How can we help you now: I wish i would know… i just need advice in any way because this is maybe not the first time for me that i have lost everything but i only played single player sence… So please… anything would do ;~;

Ok, firstly sorry to hear about your hospital visit, hope all is well.

Structures wipe on HWS after 9 days if they are untouched (powered, moved etc), although if you’re going to be away for a period of time we do have an inexpensive donator package which can preserve your structures while you’re away.

Since you have made fine use of our template to give all of the important information (“a duck and rooster shaped ship” was vital info :slight_smile: ) I have restored it. It is back on Alliance HQ in all its glorious splendour. Please change it to faction Asap.

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Not sure if I can comment on these - But here goes…

@Giltradz - I also had surgery on my hand a month or two back after dropping 300kg’s of concrete on it :open_mouth: - That hurt a little…
If you are looking for people to help you out - Well I cant offer much except someone to play with and take over all of HWS (Servers n all :smiley:) - In all honesty - It sucks losing stuff but its the game, Come say hi dude - The Vikings are quite friendly really :slight_smile:

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