I lost everything

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the fact that there was very little information about the upcoming wiping. so me and my team all gold remained at the base in the drawers, about 3 boxes full of fully gold. I did not have time to improve OCD, Bank account (about a total of three team members 210 KK SK), gold bars, first aid kits, RP, resources - all gone. All the achievements of me and my team of 7 people, for the last season. As I learned from the game chat, the problem has affected not only our team. There are many similar stories. The feeling that I was deceived, the same can be said about all the members of the team. Honestly, I’m very upset, I don’t want to play anymore, because so much effort was lost. Earlier it was said that the day of wiping will be 14.12.18, but later that day was postponed indefinitely. In the end, all overules so that’s Christmas surprise, imagine - “I woke up and your house and all belongings were burned,” you’ll understand how I feel. I think those who suffered the same fate, too, are not happy and will not continue to play on the server, and perhaps even throw the game, because your server is the best. the last thing I read on the server was, “party’s over, let’s go to the new version.”… who would have known it would be a wipe. I wish you all a good new year, and in this situation, to wish that this was the last trouble this year and the next.

Player(s) with issue:NTC team


Time (cb:time):17.12.2018

Playfield:Binomi system

Structure Name(s):ESCmodule,Cargo Vessel (SV),SBase (BA),Riddick,Prototype

Structure ID(s):40027071,5552089,5778527,7869448,25278209

How can we help you now: warning next time players about wipe

Little information?

There have been countless updates about season 9 on the forum as well as messages every 10-15 minutes in-game for over a week!! If you want to blame someone, blame yourselves. Not the admins. That’s not fair.


I once read a post in-game about this event(wipe) next week.we played it constantly last week and no indication that it is time to take control is transferred to the new season. as far as I understand, wiping is necessary in order not to deprive players of all the progress in the game and move them to an improved gaming platform offered by administrators. the very same transfer, a percentage of the previous gameplay. the log shows when I came and when I was playing. now after the car accident I’m a little busy, so just play. visiting the forum is a very special activity. information about wiping should be made in the section HWS Connect as it is done for the section of purchases of privileges for $. Now the process for this reason has not moved the players who would be willing to pay for it and real money. Let me remind you that international law protects human rights, including timely notification in the proper form. these rights do not apply to the gameplay, these rights built civilized communication around the world.

Ah, my mistake, somewhere between the right to life and liberty and the right to a standard of living for health and well-being I must have missed your right to be notified of server wipes.

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I’m very sorry to hear that but not much we can do or could have done. Eleon decided this time to “surprise” everyone a bit with the update :frowning: . That is a bummer for many but out of our control.

Everyone was informed about the upcoming wipe to prepare. But when the end was coming no one knew. Therefore its not our fault either. We had to wipe at that day.
And as you said: planned was even the 14th. So this was the last date you should have left the boat so to say and stop “usual” playing, storing everything in OCD. And if you decide to play further you could have saved the most important stuff before you logged out. In real life you would also not go your daily business if someone would have told you that wildfire is approaching and possibly reaching your house around the 14th. Same concept. You are warned but preparation or gambling with the time is your part.

As sorry as we are, but we can’t restore anything anymore that was lost in the old game.


it’s not in this Declaration. but if you look at the law of your country, you will see the need to inform the person when bringing him to justice for example. this rule is used everywhere

well, then it turns out we’re 7 idiots not playing on your server anymore. thank you for your time. I hope this experience will be used before the next wiping. under the current state of Affairs, voting for the server has less effect than spontaneous losses of progress. there was no accurate information, there were rumors, and the choice to either play or spend time figuring out the rumors. so I think you conclude too many similar topics on the forum, but not to forget those who are quietly goes away. I have written here, has contributed for improving this project

I guess you don’t read much do you?
There are no rumors, there were clear posts and information about the wipe Ingame, in this Forum, in our Discord, and any smart person who follows the Empyrion Forum would have known it too. So don’t point at others.

And as I said: The information when Eleon would release A9 was not public. Therefore neither we, nor any other Server could do anything about it. So you will not find any Server that was able to predict it. And if you have such expectations, this game might not be a good choice for you at all.

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No. I’d read forum everyday in December trying to find message like “Wipe will be tomorrow” or “Wipe will be Nth of December”. If you check announces by Rexxus yo’ll not find any point of wipe date.
I even didn’t see message like “We’ll start new season as soon as Eleon release 0.9”.
Only mention was here HWS X-mas Event 2018 - #10 by RexXxuS but again, without specific date.

Stopping playing in December because wipe can happen any time seemed to be a strange idea so I expected that HWS owners going to announce start of new season on the forum.
I was wrong.

Is it technical problem? I mean server status were reset and you can’t get any information about old game entities?
If yes - could you refund lost credits in Elemental bank? I still see them in HWS connect (likely because I haven’t visited server after wipe).
If you don’t want to return them as credits - you can grant them as OCD level 6.

I see 59 532 008 credits in HWS connect now, Arma had 55 000 000, Specar had 87 000 000.
Plan was:
As soon as we get wipe announce - spend money to OCD lvl6, Recycle lvl5 and put our CVs (3 CVs,~40000 blocks each, two with alien cores) and content of cargo vessel into OCD.

well, what prevented giving players a day or two to save their progress? released the patch, you instantly wiped the server, the feeling that you are having fun, but why then do you make paid services for enhanced transfer of gameplay for the new season? - nonsense. no one should live a normal life? everyone has to sit around the clock and wait for the patch? it’s no longer a game of fun, it’s more like hard work that doesn’t end up being paid for.

listen, I do not want to conflict with you, because I played on the server and got quite a pleasant experience, appreciated the talented work of Rexxus, but such a blind attitude to the gameplay of ordinary players, you will lower the number of players online in Prime time, thereby reducing your efforts to nothing.
when I first came to the server - all the slots were busy, I had to wait to get to the server. after the previous wipe, the number of players decreased, after the last wipe 09, they became even smaller. under recent changes I see that the administration is committed to earn on the project, but it will be impossible if the number of players will decrease and for the money people will not obtain tangible services. it is easy to collect 1 Euro per 100 people than 100 Euro per person

I propose to resolve the situation as follows-for all who missed the moment of transition to the new season 09, to restore buildings and property at the end of the current season, so the victims will not receive any advantage at the beginning of the season, will remain naked like all others, but will have a chance to restore their progress last season. and of course at the end of this season should be very clear information available to all players regardless of the language barrier, for example in your account on the website HWS connect, in the form of a counter how much time is left until the end of the season

no, i have 56 851 097 in EB and 2 836 834 in inventory, but much more i have in my SV(ESCmodule 40027071) like full stacks gold ingots and gold coins stacks


well, I’m sorry but you wanted me to take a look. So were you serious when you wrote this post?

First of all:

Interesting count… There were only 3 active NTC player…

Now we are back to 3? And what amount did you loose= 210m? You only had 201m and you only lost 108m. Interesting

Check what you have now:

So you were totally surprised?

Strange you played more then 5 hours before the wipe, AFTER it was very clearly announced and Alpha 9 was already released. Server wipe was at 19:00 . We even waited all that time.


Sorry. I considered giving you guys at least the money (even though everyone knew about the wipe, it was announced and common knowledge would have protected you), but LIES? Seriously?
You had fun doing Ninja and Alien Missions instead of recycling and putting your stuff into OCD.

That you did not even start cleaning up and buying OCD 6 days ago is already a mystery for me.

We are always willing to help, but we don’t support people who think they know it all and lie straight into our face. Sorry. But thats a NoGo.


no it wasn’t clear message about wipe. message was - " the party is over, reboot the server". of course I have no screenshot of this message. but its far from “clearly”

see the full list of members of the NTC. and you will have 7 members. here in page the most active which play every day. even the total money of the three members is close to 200 million. you forgot to count the money that are in the game engine. five hours is not enough for the overall management of the whole faction, largely due to the fact that the money transfer all members must be online at the same time. that’s why you can not do the wiping in this mode- “Hey guys released a new patch, in five minutes there will be a restart” and not a word about that after it will be a new version and wiping. basically on this day the conversations in the chat was about how to run alpha 8 when steam patched the game to version 09.
and don’t forget that I played were in the active phase of hostilities, not even followed the chat. well, you returned the money to us, for the sake of interest, revive my ship and look at the boxes, you will be surprised at how much gold there.
what about the others? rest who did not write on the forum, just silently upset and left? those who are not members of our faction.

and to be quite honest, let’s remember that before wiping the server is not working in normal mode, it was impossible to leave the planet for example and other problems of movement. I personally addressed Gareth with this problem in chat, ask him he will confirm. so to talk about some hours is not legitimate.

because I was hoping the wiping wouldn’t happen this year. about the fact that the wipe will happen with the new patch I only found out in this thread.

we are just ordinary players in the bulk, we come to play, but we do not keep our finger on the pulse constantly. that is why it is important to inform well all without exception before such global action. after all you managed to do it last time, why is this information so scarce?

my man, im a solo players and you 7 players only had 3 boxes of gold at the end ? yeah, maybe you shouldnt play here then. crying about something that literally was not just said but explained. there were ingame warnings to start packing all your things away to OCD as the date of wipe was not given. if you claim yu played the last week of it then you didnt read anything at all. its souly your part. 7 people…

money is just a tool to migrate the resources, gold, etc. in the OCD. when I wrote about 210m I indicated the estimated amount of money from the whole faction, based on the amount that I heard last time. of course I didn’t have the exact numbers. losing money is a small part of losing how you don’t understand or don’t want to understand. I see in your eyes we’re just little liars who want to get rich by deceiving the administration. but if you abandon this idea, the vision of the problem will become clear. so let’s you we are not going to do any favors, let it remain as it is and we don’t play on the server as liars exiles. and for that, you’ll think about the other players you framed.

I look at you but all is well and nothing is confusing. maybe because you have the keys to all the doors? :wink: the Internet is a great thing to change the face and push one opinion under the guise of many. I’m crying, what are you doing? whose interests you defend… that’s the point. 3 boxes of gold only I have and it’s only gold, and a lot of resources that you can sell and buy the same gold. or are you his 100 cases was digging on asteroids? :slight_smile: Oh, these visionaries.

No man, you’re just in the wrong here.

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Well I guess all is said. You seem to live in your own world… do that.
We are a community here.