I lost my CV drill cause DC seems was an error

i play in HWS RE, it took me a good amount of time to find out how to make i and buy advance system upgrade kit for 74k credit and after i made few jumps and made the drill i tried to take it from the inventory and put it in the hotbar of the connected container, i was connected but cause of dc for some reason it drop the drill saying there is space and got dc immeditally, when i relog it didn’t take 3 mins but it was gone, i don’t wana go back and collect money and find an NPC who have upgrade kits for sale (cause i found three NPCs before i could find one that i could buy) i want a new one pleas

Hey, first of all, when making tickets please don’t delete the template. It makes it a LOT easier to find out what you’re trying to get help with, but no need for that now.

Items disappearing from the toolbar have become a more common bug, and there’s not much that can be done from the admins’ side because the logs are unclear.
The best thing you can do to avoid this in the future is to avoid keeping important stuff in your toolbar.

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