I lost my ship by HWS restriction

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> i lost my ship like HWS, i tryed to buy back i have problem to take the id because reskilled my ship…

Player(s) with issue:
=> Tito

=> Eu

Time (cb:time):

=> Walla planet

Structure Name(s):
=> Minato III

Structure ID(s):
=> i need to have this

How can we help you now:
=> i need help to get back my Minato III (Cv) it was the second cv of faction in the planet and i lost it by HWS

hi, loginto HWS - connect - structure id and see if its still listed

if not look at it, open console and type in di plz to get the id.

thanks, let us know

Hi, no in my HWS structures list i don’t see it

the ship has disappeared, i can’t get the id

then the main admins will try and look for the name of it on their end… will take a bit longer but possible :wink:

ok tnx you very much Gareth

can i wait in another system? or i have to stay on the same planet where i lost the ship?

doesnt matter… they’l check info their end, may take time…

oky ^^

You can toggle in the Structure Commander next to the title with the “Eye-Button” to see your deleted structures. Try this to get the id.

Hi Whizzle, I tried but nothing happens

yeh thanks whizzz, but this is one for main admins…

Good night guys see u tomorrow, time to sleep here.
Anyway thanks for the help cya

since it was because of limits (PvP).

I restored it for now near you

hi, i have the ship now, but the server tell me :
Sorry but i could not determin the last owner. Please talk to an admin.
i can’t buyback it

someone here?

Sorry I’m outside. Coming in few hours back


I changed ti back to your faction

heya thnaks very much :slight_smile:

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