I need help... critically hit by stupid for 500 HP

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> So I fucked up :smiley: I went afk, pretty sure I logged, but I didn’t and died a horrible dead, by the time I was done with work, obviously my backpack was looted by Aliens with pointy heads.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Rico Raceway


Time (cb:time):
=> Today between 2pm and 3pm CET (it’s the last death of the day)

=> Eden

Structure Name(s):
=> on the planet surface, not in a structure

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> It would be super awesome if you could restore the content of my backpack. It contained my precious origin weapon, an Epic Pistol my T2 multitool and Drill, 600 ish Fusioncells, 2500ish water containers, ammo for all of the above, my zirax porn collection and some other stuff I can’t remember.

If that is not possible, could you confirm that a reset of my character on HWs will

  • get me my starter gear again
  • can I reloot the 10 personal yellow containers on the starting station
  • can I spawn the one free SV again
  • what happens to my currentbuilding and items

Kind regards,


  • You’ll get starter gear, but if you want a fa:supply you have to request it here, since it’s only once per week, and cb:reset doesn’t change that.
  • You can reloot any boxes you find
  • You can spawn a free SV
  • Your private buildings will be deleted, faction will stay.

So this implies “If that is not possible,” that exceptional backpack restoration is not a thing?
Zirax porn is gone forever with all my guns and fuelcells ?

I don’t know if admins can or will help you, but if they can’t, then those are the answers.

Thanks for the swift feedback… really appreciate the setup you guys have here, I’m gonna support this.


Hello @RicoRaceway

glad @Dr.Dark could assist you for now.
Since you are new and learned your lesson, I restored your backpack. (Pro tip: never fall asleep in a survival game )

Supporting us is very appreciated, but more than that, that you enjoy your time here.


Thanks a lot, and yes today I learned, now back to Zirax porn …

Sure it was not pointy ears???
I lost spock at a party last week :sleepy:

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If it’s a pointy head then take away their cell phones or they may grow horns.

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