I need help in CSW NA

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What Happened: I was traveling to NA (base server is EU) for some OAM collecting. On my way back I parked at CSW NA and logged off. Today I log back on, seems I have died (pretty sure I logged off) but more importantly my CV (Aernoud Bus) changed faction. I have a temp faction for NA (only go there for OAM) it is called TP1 (but the faction description is Temp). When I logged back on the faction has become TMP (from one of my other ACM faction members doing the same thing.
Player(s) with issue: Aernoud
Server: NA (CSW playfield)
Time (cb:time): logged in 14:45
Playfield: CSW
Structure Name(s): Aernoud Bus
Structure ID(s): Don’t know (cannot access anymore, have to ask Mari, will talk to him. Also he could probably set my CV to public and I can grab it from there… So I will be ok, but weird that this happened
How can we help you now: Just wanted to let you know this happened. Structures changing faction for some reason in PvE area. BTW, no other players in my TP1 faction, just me… I think I can manage the issue with Mari and ask him to set my CV back to public, so I can grab it and fly home. I have enough resources to survice the loss of my inventory, so no worries there…

Update, Mari made CV public and I grabbed it to fly to EU (where I have my OCD to help me move on… So no rescue needed…)

on it

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