I need help pleas

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> A structure was taken

Player(s) with issue:
=> Sammic

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 13:51 29.12.18

=> Eden System / Freelancer-Cryo-X

Structure Name(s):
=> @Freelancer-Cryo-X: 1-“Spawnpl Holz 57x60” (Base)
2-“Lakeside” (Base)
@Eden System: “[HWS] Basis (Ba)” --> the taken one
Structure ID(s):
=> unknown

How can we help you now:
=> i moved from starter planet freelancer-cryo-x to eden orbit and left 2 bases behind.
i forgot to delete them and can’t return to starter area to do it now.
now my base in eden system was taken while building it.
could you please delete the other 2 bases on freelancer and unlock the one in eden?
would be glad,
grüsse sammic

I’m pretty sure cryo and eden has nothing to do with each others, regarding limits. If you go to HWS Connect and check the elemental bank. Do you have any debt? If you do that could be why.

I guess he means the global limits, which would trigger here.

I removed the 2 bases and set it back to you @VanTares

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
schöne Festtage!

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