I need help please 1

hi dear HWS!
When I try take back my items on OCD with OCD:get:all, I do not see my items. I do not lost a lot of material, but would it be possible to have at least the 1000 T3 Fuel back.
BTW server is awesome.


please fill out the support ticket


Also: Please explain a bit more. What happend?

Try to search google for an hws connect, log in with your steam accound credentials and then choose eu or na and check your ocd… what you have and what you can get. Ocd:get:all… damn, i would lost allmost everyting with that.

I could not take back my OCD even in HWS Connect, at the very least nothing was inside :confused:


I would love to help you but you HAVE to fill out a support Ticket and be clear.
I already tried to find it by myself but without any information from you I can’t help.

The Support Ticket helps you to give us the most important infos like: What Server are you on… ok I found you now
Then: When did it happen… Sorry but you did OCD:GetAll so often. I can only search

So I searched. What do you mean with T3 Fuel? There is no T3 Fuel. So I searched for T3 Fuel Tanks. But no one had that many Fuel Tanks in the logs. So it must be wrong too…

Than I searched further and saw docent of lines like these:
Line 36872: 10.09.2018 18:34:08.436 I OCD Put: Player Myltium has no more space in his OCD for 500 x 2272
Line 37071: 10.09.2018 18:35:11.411 I OCD Put: Player Myltium has no more space in his OCD for 500 x 2272
Line 37076: 10.09.2018 18:35:24.036 I OCD Put: Player Myltium has no more space in his OCD for 859 x 2373

So all I can do is guess you did not have enough space in your OCD. And this costs me a lot of time to search for.
But I can’t help you any further if you don’t give us any clear information.
Sorry :frowning:

ok sry, but i don’t realy understend what is ticket, now i think i understend ticket and ocd command, just i dont care when i get all with command i needed take back for put in again, i supposed when i click on “done” items are stocked back on ocd, now i know they don’t sry for your time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just let me know which Item it was you needed and I will give that back to you.
But I need the right name or maybe even a screenshot.

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not realy here today i waiting wipe, and i can’t save more item, but thank for help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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