I need help please, alien core

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened?
=> Replaced the core on my CV with an alien core but the ship still thinks it is a normal core.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Maar

Server? (EU or NA or RE EU or RE NA)
=> RE EU

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> Monday, 1 August 2022 approx. 23:30-23:50

On which Playfield?
=> Brega Alpha / Diabrha

Structure Name(s)?
=> White Spectre X

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> 21327772

How can we help you now?
=> Hints about how to get the ship to recognise the alien core so I get some more CPU would be nice :). do:ac:id shows “Sorry but the structure (CV,SV,HV,BA) has to be NPC cored. If you are sure, please retry in a few minutes”.

alien core does not increase CPU. that is the advanced core.

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