I need help please (Constructor disappeared, i lost resources)

======= Constructor disappeared, i lost resources =======

What happened: i build new advanced constructor and put it on base, after i drop all resources in it, two minutes later he disappeared with all the resources. All ores and crushed stone average 3 stacks (±700 units), zascosium and erectrum 1000k ingots, and a few other parts.
Player(s) with issue: foxes
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): 18 january 2018 12:55 ( hour ago)
Playfield: Eden
Structure Name(s): [Fox] Base
Structure ID(s): 16255947
How can we help you now: return my resources or restore a constructor with them

Thanks for using the template, its a big help for us.

Ok, we cant keep a track of individual components unfortunately so cant see what you had in your constructor. However, since you’re relatively new to HWS Ive had a look to see what resources you had at the time, so I am happy to replace those for you. Hows that?

Perhaps you can see zascosium and erectrum i bought them today, all of these resources lay in CV (17348071) there is the same constructor (resources used to be there). can track it?

I just collected them all day,and now they are not.

no, we cant track your constructors. I have restored your Zas and Ere, ok?

In your inventory.

It would be wonderful to add at least the stack sathium, neodium, coper and cobalt is low, the rest of the stuff I have I find myself.

if you do not believe that I had, you can look in my factory, there 64000 sathium

you got a stack of each. All good?

it’s funny but I wrote about ore, ok, but it’s better than no resources. Since this can not be to one of the players was absolutely 0 of all resources.

As I said, we can not track your constructor resources so I can not verify what you had there. Your constructor disappearing is unusual, but we’re playing an Alpha Game and bugs happen unfortunately.

At least you can get going again now … GL and Have fun … :slight_smile:

at the end, could you also add a crushed stone? I think it’s not such a significant resource as the rest


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