I need help please - CSW problem

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: After CSW from EU to NA my ship turned into faction [THE] instead of private and i can access it.
Player(s) with issue: Pok
Server: EU->NA
Time (cb:time): 1:35 am±
Playfield: CSW sector
Structure Name(s): CV1
Structure ID(s): 5887012
How can we help you now: I could really use my ship back, there is a lot of stuff inside of it.


sorry for the trouble. Its done now and I also found a problem on the way and fixed it.
But one info: You logged out 1 minute after you logged in. You kinda brought that problem on yourself. Please stay online for at least a few minutes and move a bit or do cb:startjobs.
Otherwise you cut off the procedure.

Thanks a lot you are the best.
Because of my superior CV design i had to log off. If i can’t open the door i get almost instant heatstroke inside :slight_smile:

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