I need help please CV disapeared

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What happened: Hello, i’ve faced a problem, i left my CV with 2 HV on my base in Alliance HQ 11 hours ago, now i logged in and CV disappeared with HV’s inside, through the website it types that i’ve no more CV and my other 2 HV are in homeworld, with much less blocks count then they have to has… Are there any ways to build all my stuff again, i’ve spend so much time on building my beautiful CV :C
Also cause of this bug i haven’t received RP for not having pvp structures… I live in alliance HQ, and i’m trader
Player(s) with issue: nerf this 4 [Trd]
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): ~12:00
Playfield: Alliance HQ
Structure Name(s): CV-“Pacificator”; HV-:“Thanatos”, :“Digger”
Structure ID(s): CV-i don’t remember and no info on site, HV-2420561 and 456700
How can we help you now: Rebuild it please if possible

Hey @nerf_this_4

I can’t find this. I only see this in the list:

Is it that CV?

I could only restore the Digger for now.
Don’t know really why or what happened here. The structure got “teleported” a lot of times back and forth between Homeworld and Alliance HQ… weird

No it is my first CV, and yes as i said looks like it was teleported from my base and deleted from data on ur server… or destroyed, since it is pvp area… So what am i suppose to do? i spent like 10 hours building that CV for my personal needs and decorations… ~_~

and yeah i forgot to save its blueprint since i’m not a pvp player and didn’t expect that it could disappear for no reason…

No matter if destroyed or moved. We should get at least the name or ID. Only if it got spawned and in the next 2 minutes removed the tool might not get the data

Hello again, i think i understood what was the problem: today i was exploring flying city, when server started spamming me a message to remove “private base” from Alliance HQ… it was always shared with faction, i dk what is going on, check logs pls… I guess that happened to my CV… it was dropped into homeworld or “removed” like in warning message and my hv’s too… i’m feeling pretty unsafe there with that glitch


please fill out these information, otherwise I can’t help you at all.
Help us, Help you.

Today it was:
Playfield: Alliance HQ
Structure Name(s): Trading Outpost
Structure ID(s): 263220,

yesterday was
Playfield: Alliance HQ
Structure Name(s): Pacificator
Structure ID(s): i don’t remember

I don’t see a problem with that.

This structure name does not exist at HWS EU at all.
Please check your registry / HWS Connect Structure Commander properly again or show me a screenshot with the name.

here is chatlogs with server spamming me that i have “private base” on alliance HQ

and proof that i was in ECC at this time

i felt into “double trap” and was walking on-foot into EGS HQ…

About CV i’ve only screenshot with its structures inside, and no more, since i was flying on it less then two days…

You see no problem because i flew to my base as fast as possible and it was actually shared with faction, i changed it to personal and back to faction and looks like server stopped spamming me fake message

About private structures on the HQ Sector systems: yes, this is new to help stopping the overcrowd population.

Please set it to faction.
The limits will be in the map info with the 5PM restart.

The last screenshot does not show me the CV ship unfortunately.

omg it was always shared with faction. Since the wipe i was one of the first who started colonisation of Alliance HQ, i had a lot of problems with resources since had no idea that there will be no more sathium or other stuff in pve zones where i can fly on my SV, it all was fine for me until yesterday ~_~
Maybe you don’t believe me but i think this problem can appear again and not with me, my 10 hours spent on that CV could be a little thing, looking to other player structures

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