I need help please, CV disappeard

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What happened: CV Vanished in a server restart.
Player(s) with issue: Major_Jazzhole FRL, General Kusilaakso FRL
Server: Write HWS eu server
Time (cb:time): 18:15 Finland time
Playfield: Golden Globe
Structure Name(s): CPP Kusimoukari
Structure ID(s): 32228757
How can we help you now: Ship vanished after a server restart. Black hole had wiped 10 minutes earlier. When server restarted, CV had been deleted. Is there any way to restore the ship?

Don’t quite understand or maybe you don’t know how the Stealth feature works?

You stealthed your ship (good job doing this!)


Make sure to use HWS Connect > Stealth or read it up here again

Ship was stealthed same time as the server restarted. After reconnecting, the ship wasnt there, it wasnt on the registry. On HWS connect it shows ship status as deleted. When attempting to get ship out of stealth, it failed to see any stealthed ships in the area (we spawned to the exact location where the ship was). So, what can be done?

Take a look over here:


Nope, the ship isnt shown in the stealth list either. Checked with the other player who stealthed it. Its not in there.

Maybe it didnt stealth as it was close to restart. If so someone may have swept in and destroyed it?

One other possibility - was it primetime on GG - ie no CVs allowed?

In that case it may’ve been warped away.

It was in space outside the globe, so no violations of primetime. And we logged back about 1 minute after restart, so i doubt nobody could wipe out a class 5 cv in a minute and not leave a single block of steel behind. No attack was reported in the proximity log either. The ship shows under several id numbers in structure commander: 32228757, 35964135, and 35503100. All of them show the ship as deleted.

It might be because it was stealthed at restart. There is a reason the server gives out warnings to stop what you’re doing.

What do you mean?

Sorry but your Structure was wiped due to the announced and known black hole wipe. Nothing wrong with stealth, since you obviously did not read any messages and did not really think about what you did at what timing.


Just read yourself what you did and… well dont ask me why you did that.

If you want it back it would cost you the fee of 3.7 mil Credits and 5 RP. Just let us know (Especially since it would have to be taken from both of you, since neither of you has enough on its own.

As stated before, the black hole reset had happened around 10 minutes before we entered black hole system. This was checked with cb:nextwipe, which showed 23+ hours until next wipe when we decided to move into the globe.

There’s really no problem in reading english and understanding that the globe wipes every 24 hours. That’s why the nextwipe tool is available and in use. But the CV vanished After the wipe was already done - or at least what the timer said.

Now if the timer in nextwipe Tool isn’t accurate, it would be greatly appreciated that it is fixed. If the problem is elsewhere, I’d really like that CV back.

I guess you don’t understand.

The wipe happens during the restart at 17:00 (when the restart initiates). During that time the messages tells you not to fly/build/fight etc…
Then it tells you that you will soon be kicked. But you decided to try to stealth the ship 10 seconds before the kick and of course the ship is not yet there. So: You never stealthed that ship. The ship was then wiped in the restart which includes the wipe of Black hole… So everything is right.
I could understand that you think at sharp 17:00 was the wipe as the tool said, but you play long enough on the server to know what that means : restart and wipe. Not wipe at 17:00. Also what you say about a wipe 10 minutes earlier is not accurate:
You entered Black Hole at 17:03 1 minute before the kick and 3 minutes after the restart was initiated. Not 10 minutes.

Since you are in a 2 man faction I will restore it for half the price this time. But please inform yourself next time and don’t do things right infront of a restart.

Yes I now truly understand that what the cb: nextwipe command says and what actually happens in the playfield are two different things. Therefore the info given in the cb: nextwipe that said NEXT WIPE IN 23:47 meant that server will actually reset and wipe in next 5 minutes.

The clock isn’t correct. If it says you have almost a full 24 hours before reset, u don’t expect to be deleted. Now I know better.

Being that the resources in the ship are probably lost anyway and I don’t feel confident paying millions because I should have known 24 hours equals 5 minutes in this server, let’s give it a rest and continue playing.

Dunno what happened, but:

The ship seems to have reappeared in Eden. Thankyou, whomever responsible.

Driver sends thanks and says he will never drive intoxicated again (right).

No problem. Your welcome.
I will adjust the timer to be more clear.

lots of thanks for that post. i’ve started to understand how it all goes.
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