I need help please CV got merged with another ship or something



======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Hey! I have an issue im hoping an admin can help with

I warped from Binomi to ECC orbit in my CV and it messed up my CV

My CV(and the SV that was docked to it turned public, and random huge doors were all of a sudden in random spots on my CV

also extra landing gear

SWo one of the random doors that appeared was in my cargo bay and took the place of 3 of my cargo containers, so I am also out 40-45k ingots of cobalt, silicon, and Copper

I could probably fix the damage fairly easy(I wont until you tell me its ok to) but damn :confused:

Player(s) with issue: me 10/13 in game.

Server: NA server

Time (cb:time): just before or around 3am PT

Playfield: ECC orbit

Structure Name(s): (CXO)Capital Vessel

Structure ID(s): 8387865

How can we help you now: Can you roll back my ship?


Try to relog it might clear things up and while your at it restart the whole game. Most of the time those are just graphic glitches. If that wont clear things then try to jump another galaxy and see if that does something.


I relogged 3 times, and tried get cb:getshiphere command


Other players (Mal, Togie, and Garet_8000) and came and looked at it too



sorry for the delay. Will check now.


Found your ships. @Pwny it was not so good to capture it, even if it’s public.

Tax refunded.


Thank you very much for getting my ship back! What a relief!!


Rexxus, 10_13,

If you look in the chat logs of NA server you’ll see two occasions where I was attempting to return it to your faction member daywalker. It was never my intention to take it for myself, but I did expect it would be taken or looted by others if left public in ECC for too long.

Feel free to ping me on discord or I’m game if you guys need a hand☺️.


thanks for the info @Pwny


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