I need help please (deleted structures)

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Faction structures on Lawless got deleted
Player(s) with issue: Runezz
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Yesterday?
Playfield: Lawless HQ
Structure Name(s): Base (BA)
Structure ID(s): 36898334
How can we help you now: We’re a bit new to this server and unsure why it got deleted - I got a warning when spawning it that no private structures were allowed, so changed it to faction just after. However it was gone the next morning, and I can see in the structure commander it says deleted. Why was it deleted and is it possible to get it, or at least the components we put in the constructor back? :slight_smile:
Otherwise thank you for a good server, you’re doing a great job!

Hello and welcome @_TIS_RuneZ

the base got deleted because it had less than 10 blocks on it. The server setting “Decay” triggered in that case.


Sorry, we can’t restore such micro bases either. Since you two have over 14-22 million credits in your bank from the Tank Rush event I’m sure you don’t have to live that poor anymore and think in bigger dimensions.

Thanks though, good luck and enjoy your stay!

Alright, no worries - was mostly wondering about the reason :slight_smile:
Haha agreed, just didn’t want to start building bigger if it was gonna get deleted as well :smiley: Thanks and have a good night!

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