I need help please Griefing in Starter system

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Experienced players not leaving Starter system and griefing new player
Player(s) with issue: TwistedSD
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 23:40
Playfield: Cryo L1
Structure Name(s): Base and CV
Structure ID(s): 18669955 and 19694064
How can we help you now: Don’t allow players to stay in starter system as long as they want. Koolerbox and Tacoisland are both heavily experienced players but have chosen to stay in the starter system to pick off new players just as they get ready to leave. Twice I have got ready to leave and both times, Tacoisland has attacked and took anything of value. This is unfair to new players like myself who spend days building up stuff to get ready to leave and then these players come along and raid as soon as it looks like you might have plenty of loot.

Why not go to the pve starter rather?

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Because I prefer to play pvp but with players that are also just starting not with a player that has over 3k hours and wont’ leave the starter system. He is only there to attack players that don’t stand a chance and that is griefing.

Wrong. You started on PvP, doesn’t matter how many hours I have. Yes, I am a little seasoned, however on a starter system I have the same resources as you do. I have only been on starter for a week gathering resources before I move off (ie nothing of mine has despawned due to being there for longer than the allocated time). So if you prefer to start on PvP, go ahead and play on PvP, but you can’t cry everytime someone attacks your base. If you dont want your base attacked, then go start on PvE.

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No you systematically hunt for people that have just started and as soon as they get a base going you destroy it. You didn’t take anything from my base the second time it was just to harass me just like you have done with others which is why so many have left the server this week without even getting off Cryo L1.

The argument that starting on PvP is a risk and you totally agree to probably lose stuff is true.
But by no means it should be done either by 1000+ playhours guys, CSW guys or guys who don’t care if they lose stuff or not because they have sitting 100000+ stuff in their OCD and friends waiting on donator planets or other PvE planets with million of stuff.
PvP on starter should be done “eye to eye”. We will implement a rule of 100+ playhours are not allowed on starters anymore for now.
Later the tool might help by warping people out of there.

As if Golden Globe and co are not enough… a shame indeed.