I need help please (HWS NA)

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What happened: I click the “claim daily loot” and voted for the na server and when I checked back on the server I didn’t recieve any items, I did also type the command too but still didn’t work.
Player(s) with issue: xLockinq
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): 09:14
Playfield: Paragon
Structure Name(s): none
Structure ID(s): none
How can we help you now: I would like the items that I was supposed to recieve


you got both:


And you even got the warnings for the daily loot:
07.01.2019 09:40:15 Carefull! Items incoming, Stop moving! (9517061)
07.01.2019 09:40:20 Carefull! Items incoming, Stop moving! (9517061)

But obviously you ignored them and continued to move stuff in your inventory.

And you even recognized your mistake:

07.01.2019 09:40:36.335 I The following items are lost since player 9517061 did not take them out
07.01.2019 09:40:36.336 I - Item: Auto Miner Core(2302); Amount: 1
07.01.2019 09:40:36.337 I - Item: Gold Coins(2299); Amount: 999

So please let us know the whole story next time. Usually for this we would not restore anything since its the players mistake.
If you do OCD or Daily Loot or anything that has to do with the inventory make sure you are not doing something ingame with your inventory.

Since you are very new I put the Daily loot in your backpack.


Yes, I do apologize for that, I got confused as to what that was for so I accidentally backed out of it.
Thank you for your help. <3

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