I need help please - HWS Racom "Safe" respawn point is hostile

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What happened:
=> I died in Triton orbit and the “safe” respawn location is HWS Racom, which is hostile. It appears to be a Zirax faction as opposed to Admin faction. I am unable to spawn a SV or CV to try to recover my blown up ship or just leave the system. Any time I move from the respawn point, I am shot at.
Yesterday I purchased items off of the marketplace, costing me credits and rep, in an effort to spawn a blueprint, but it turns out that it cannot be spawned “too close to a base”.
Please help. I am stuck! I also lost my 1st epic armor that was in my inventory when I died and my backpack is gone. I’d rather not start over as I have a base and lots of items in Freelancer orbit. I haven’t saved anything into my orbital drone yet either.
Thank you!

Player(s) with issue:
=> Azeryen

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 17:39
I originally died on my morning of 4/11, which is when I respawned to HWS Racom

=> Triton Orbit

Structure Name(s):
=> HWS Recom
Destroyed ship - Asterstroyer

Structure ID(s):
=> 196139

How can we help you now:
=> Either change HWS Racom to Admin faction, change the safe respawn point in the system, or help me to leave the area so I can spawn a CV and get back to my base or recover my ship. Or any other possible solution :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hello @Azeryen

thanks a lot for your report!
Indeed… that wasn’t my best idea :grimacing:

Together with the Commodity Trader I will remove the 0000 Medic Bays, so nobody can spawn there anymore.

Do you need at the moment a teleport or any help?

Thanks @RexXxuS !

A teleport would be amazing! I do not know the possible functions of admin help, so I wasn’t sure what to request. Am I able to spawn a size class 1 CV near the Elemental Galactic Services building? At least there I can purchase some fuel for the CV there, without being charged rep points.
I have a CV that is ready to be spawned. I just don’t have any fuel (or anything since I lost my backpack).

My position (if that helps): 7021.3/38.0/6980.4

well, normally it’s part of survival to counter the Reputation Standing of Zirax etc. factions.
But since it’s my mistake here I warped you to ECC now.

Thanks so much! I’ve always played as hostile with them, but I’ll work on building it up on this server and start playing nice with them!

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