I need help please, i have problem with production in my base

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What happened:
Some of items added to production queue in advanced constructors and food processors, don’t start produce. It start produce after a 10+ minutes. I have materials and unlocked items in tech tree

Player(s) with issue:
Time (cb:time):
28.11.2019 18:16
Structure Name(s):
Baza Planetarna
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now:
Please try to fix it

What internet connection do you have?
I experience the same when at work, where my internet often can be really slow.

Hmm i have mobile connection, but i replace constructors and at first time production start without problem.

EDIT: Ok replace don’t help

Then it is your internet/computer! It is not the server!

As i said, have the same when at work (also mobile edition) but at home, everything is as it should be!

I check when i’m back to home, but it start happens recently, and only on hws

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Sorry, we have no influence over it.
Please make a Eleon aware of it. Maybe they can improve their constructor <> network sync.

Ok it seems that internet connection really is a problem. Im in house now and everything seems to work normal. Thx guys :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ok in home internet i got that same problem, so its not internet issue


How is it on other servers? try and logg in to an USA server etc!

On official eu server i have no problems

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