I need help please - invisible ship! (not stealth)

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What happened?
=> Had just warped in to the playfield when I got disconnected. After reconnecting, I’m in space but the ship is close (according to the map). Trouble is, I can’t see the ship - even when I fly to 2m away from it (completely invisible). Structure Commander shows it is in the playfield at coords close to mine. I took my helmet off to die and respawn in the ship, but now the savegame won’t load.
Get’s stuck at Loading Structures 33%.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Dan

Server? (EU or NA or RE)
=> RE

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> approx. 11:30 UK time today.

On which Playfield?
=> Alpha Asteroid Field II

Structure Name(s)?
=> BLUEBOY CV MK2, Reaper LS and (Trig) Utility Shuttle (HV has become undocked from CV according to map)

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> 13302739, 10514950 and 16055246

How can we help you now?
=> What can you do? I can’t play the game any more. Can you get me back in the CV? I’ll take it from there (probably salvage the HV - too hard to redock it with the CV)
There’s no playfield data for Alpha Asteroid Field II.

Why am I getting a 500 error responding to gareth’s post?

hey… u can try and delete your pf data

steamlibrary - steamapps - common - Emp - saves - cache - hws - (playfields) << delete this and re-try…
if not then only a server restart will fix…

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Hi Gareth, latest update - 2 server restarts later, I’m in the same mess. When I join the RE server, I die from lack of oxygen. The playfield reloads, stopping for 5 mins at Structures 33% loaded. I then get the “You died” screen and choose to respawn at BLUEBOY CV MK2. I then get a blank screen forever (until I exit - see image below).
There was no Playfield folder for Alpha Asteroid Field II, so I couldn’t delete it.

ps. I think this is related to completing the Alpha exploration mission, as it all started just after I got the mission reward.


sorry that it took so long. I thought this ticket is in progress already.
I warped you to your CV now. Warping sometimes fixes those issues too. Could you try again. If not I try to warp you to another playfield

Well the Playfield did not accept any structures. I tried to restore them but they would never show [@RexXxuS ]

Therefore I warped you and your structures to your base. You should be able to login again.

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Well, thanks for fixing it, but I hope I’m finished in Alpha, or that’s a 300 light year trip back to complete the explore Alpha mission :frowning:

I am grateful really. Thanks @Jascha .

p.s. would you be so kind as to warp 10514950 and 16055246 back to base as well please?

Just logged in and yes, as suspected, no reward for completing explore Alpha mission.

Erm, @Jascha - I’m seeing some weird shit in structure commander.
Just letting you know!!


ignore the other structures. They are due to the issue. The other 2 structures should be lcose to you: look to the sea.
About the Alpha mission: no clue @RexXxuS can we do something, or do you want to be warped close to your old location again (just tell me a playfield close to it) and which structures to take along?

It’s ok thanks Jascha, I will build up some resources at home base then fly back out to Alpha myself.
Thanks again very much for your help today.

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Just one more thing @Jascha - I lost all of my ammo, Origin RP, Origin weapon ammo, etc from my backpack. Also, all of the vehicles lost all of the fuel in them. Kind of weird.
All I really would like back is the Origin weapon ammo and RP (the DNA helix thingies).
Can you do that for me please?
I ask because I finally got my Origin weapon today but no ammo :frowning:


OK. I restored your backpack from the time you started dying and gave you 4 RP that you lost due to death back.

The fuel in structures: Yes that can be since I had to respawn them.

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