I need help please, just another rendering issue

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What happened:
got back to HWP base and it seemed decored… so naturally put a normal core in, after looking around to find dmg, found a wall and some of the complex vanished, so assuming that the bug not only caused some of the base to vanish, but also the npc core… relogged and the base was intact… problem now is that its just got a normal core in it apart from the npc core
Player(s) with issue:
=> gareth_8000

Time (cb:time):
15.50 roughly
Structure Name(s):
HWP base 10
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now:
=> well the relog fixed the rendering issue, just a normal core in it ;-( , did have a npc core :wink:

Hmm… technically our tool says it is still a NPC Core in it…

can you please make a Screenshot of your Control Panel and search for “Core”?

2 mins and i’l get on that, gatekeeper issues is more present

okay… this is weird…
i check control panel, showed 2 cores… so multied the normal one… now saying i cant place a 2nd core as now cant access P menu on it…

so the merge bug appeared. Damn… even on bases :expressionless:

ouch… well i got no access to p meny and showing red at looking on it

I’ve set it to you (private) now

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was watching and cheers

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