I need help please logged in to NA server floating in space with my gear cant move

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: logged into NA server i was on the ground at sacuary in my CV. when i logged out last night. when i logged in this morning i was floating in space stuck can move even with pack turned on
Player(s) with issue: Woody
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): friday sept 7 16:15
Playfield: sancuary planet
Structure Name(s): WHG-XT
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: need to get unstuck. I have cleared my cache and re-logged has not helped

Hello @Woody1

I see you are in Peacekeeper and not Sanctuary anymore?
You are good?

You referenced the WHG-XT structure but it is decored?

Don’t know how we should help you with what.

Maybe try to open the console and type “detach”.

Was on sanctuary but is space now. Was able to get out but ship is shell and same with sv blocks placed weird so no not good

Can you please specify how we can help you now?
What should we do exactly to solve your issue?

is that not pve space how did it cored? no biggy with the wipe coming anyway.

Maybe a drone, maybe a mistake, maybe a bug.
Can’t tell from the logs.
But Public is never a good idea in MP.

that weird I do not change it to public ever all my ship are WHG faction. does it show the same for WHG5 my sv
it was cored aswell

Yes, it’s still public floating around.

interesting. weird, no drones here but something cored my ships. funny this there is a very simple hv here that wa in my hanger. if it was a drone they would have cored it as well would have been real easy only a few blocks. Well somebody got a ton of loot. Untill we figure out what happen set my planet to PVE and WHG only please when you create it. Dont want to lose anymore To a “bug, exploit” next season

just hopped in whats left of my sv it was set ot public as well still has the core in it. there is now way in hell i accidentally set both of them to public.

the smallest door in empyrion. this is in the middle of my sv the door is missing as well as the cockpit.

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