I need help please - Lost base and all resources

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What happened: I was on the starter system moon and the server was getting re-booted. So i logged out and logged back in, when i logged back in my SV had gone back to my home planet. So i got a lift of someone, however they took me (Warped) to Alyiance HQ instead of Aliance Cyro. So i had to re-spawn back to my home planet but now may base is gone. It was a genuine mistake and i really don’t want to have to restart everything :frowning:

Server: EU
Playfield: Starter
Structure Name(s): Chrisdd
Structure ID(s): 62658191

Hey All, i decided to just do a player reset. Got nothing to do today :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry to hear that. The problem is that you destroyed the base before it even got to its first backup :cry:
So we have no way to respawn it.
Did you remove the core and then it vanished on the spot?


If you had other structures you need, let me know.

I got back to the Homebase and it was gone :frowning: It is my own fault, i should’nt have left. I ihave reset now so i will aim to get off the Starter planet in 7 days and not get stranded this time :stuck_out_tongue:

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