I need help please lost control of my ship after doing a csw

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:i did a csw to eu and my ship has alien core and i can not do anything in my ship i am locked in my ship docking bay and can do nothing

Player(s) with issue:madmiket


Time (cb:time):11 aug 1750


Structure Name(s):Hercules | 27m

Structure ID(s):unknown

How can we help you now:help me get control of my ship and get back to an server

the ship i had dock on it is other faction and stuck in the ship it was docked to because i moved back from where it was docked to
i have done csws before and had no problems like this before

Hey, I’ll check quick


should be yours again. Somehow the server still had an old ID saved.
Did you reset recently?

i had a nightshade docked in this ship and it has moved back into the wall and i can not move it anymore

Ok, I warped it 200 meters higher.

thank you sir

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