I need help please my base dissapeared

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: My base has disappeared along with my stored inventory
Player(s) with issue: Justinc
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): ?
Playfield: Freelancer hq
Structure Name(s): Base
Structure ID(s): base is gone so i cant find the id
How can we help you now: at least provide a stimulus package with close to what I had stored from all my work from last season. I had 6 t2 hover drills along with a generous supply of all the ingots and basic survival items like fusion cells and food and a minigun plus ammo.

How big was your base? You have to have over 10 blocks or they get auto removed by the game very quickly.

You can use HWS connect to get the base ID. Look in the structure commander tab.

it wasnt 10 blocks.

I only see one base that belongs to you and that is still active (I guess you build it afterwards).
Without proper name or ID I can’t do much more

I’m guessing since I didnt have more than 10 blocks my base was deleted. It’s not inside the structure commander tab. So basically all of my work frol last season is gone. That’s super lame. At least now I know about that 10 block rule.

Mate try doing what TwitchyJ said, and look for something like this:

I did. The base that is gone isnt in the structure commander tab. I believe since it was less then 10 blocks it was completely deleted from the game.

Usually even such a base would be visible to us. But without a name/id I don’t know what to look for.
I searched for you as owner, but nothing came up.

could you try just searching for the name Base? that’s the best i can do at this point.

well. sadly many have the same idea like you :frowning:

there cant be many of them with exactly 6 t2 hover vessel drills in them?

That’s not how it works. They would have to check every single base and manually look through the inventories one by one, just hoping to see those and then hoping it’s actually yours. That could take real life days worth of time.

This is the reason you need to change it from the default name immediately.

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