I need help please My bases with things deleted 21.02.2019

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What happened:
=> My base with things was deleted, but I did not do it and the time before the wipe base did not end. I know that this planet is starting, sorry but I can not play 24/7 …
Player(s) with issue:
=> MirageMen

=> eu

Time (cb:time):
=> ~15:00 21.02.2019

=> Prototype planet

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):
=> 28623376

How can we help you now:
=> Return the base I will take things …

Hi Mirage man,

looking at the timers it shouldnt have been deleted due to time, however, what size was the base? what did it have on it etc?

on prototype cores can be attacked by bombers so maybe it got decored and then removed?

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As Odinsblade wondered already:
the base was too small:

Normally it’s not worth the time restoring but I made an exception here.
Should be at the old position again, if no one build something at the same location there.

Hey, sorry did not see Rex checked already.


Your base is to small. You need a t least 10 blocks, or it will be removed after a short time!
So even restoring it might not last long.

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