I need help please my ship disappered

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I jumped lawless orbit from EGS then something happened and i jumped back to EGS i dont know what happened there. My friend and ı had crash when we jumped back to egs. When we logged in our ship was disappered i cant see from registry too.
Player(s) with issue: Burakan , Resyonel
Server: Empyrieon EU
Time (cb:time): 22.53
Playfield: EGS Orbit and Lawless Orbit
Structure Name(s): SV-Mauser (warp)
Structure ID(s): SV-Mauser (warp)
How can we help you now: I want my ship back i was moving somewhere else from cypo i had lot of stuff and i think my ship stuck at lawless and i am at egs orbit :frowning:

Sorry but I can’t find a ship under that name

I cant see it at registry too dont know what happened i just want my stuff and sv we were moving so we had one vessel now we stuck at orbit

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